Visa Gold charge card

Visa Gold charge card

Visa Gold charge card is a prestigious and recognisable means of payment that provides security and top service wherever you may be.

Take advantage of Visa Gold charge card

Accepted worldwide

Visa card is accepted in retail networks throughout the world. The Visa Gold card enables you to pay free of charge at all points of sale bearing the Visa sign, make withdrawals around the clock at all ATMs bearing the Visa sign, whether in the country or abroad

Modern shopping channels

You can shop over the Internet, TV, via telephone or catalogue by simply filling in the requested data from the card.

Payment made easy

Payment by Visa Gold charge card is very simple. It is enough to present the card at the point of sale, sign the receipt and take a copy. Before you sign, make sure you check the amount debited and the receipt copy. In case you need cash, you can avail yourself of the ATMs bearing the Visa sign, nationwide and globally.
All the withdrawals and card transactions (purchases) will be itemised in your monthly statement, and thus you can have an insight into your account.

Card utilisation

Cash advance limit

Within the daily and monthly cash limits, and depending on the available balance and the total approved limit, you can use your card for cash withdrawals at ATMs and at banks bearing the Visa sign in the country and abroad. The daily cash advance is capped at EUR 800, while the purchase limit is capped at EUR 3.500.

Control of expenses

The monthly statement delivered to you by the bank will include the record of costs incurred over the preceding accounting period, and your account will be debited on the day you have agreed with the bank. You can check the receipts you have from the preceding accounting period against the itemised statement. All the expenses incurred abroad shall be shown in domestic currency on your monthly statement. The monthly statement is sent to your e-mail address which is a service you can arrange free of charge via Internet banking or in your nearest OTP banka branch! 

The overview of the basic data about your Visa Gold charge card, transactions on the credit account and notifications about the expenses incurred are all available via OTPdirekt service and Internet banking or via telephone banking service by calling the Contact Centre of OTP banka at 0800 210 021.

You can efficiently control the use of your card also via SMS info service.

According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank records the financial transaction. 

How to become a cardholder

If you would like to become a Visa Gold charge cardholder,  familiarise yourself with the General Terms and Conditions of Issuance and Use of Visa Gold charge card, fill in the application and visit the nearest OTP banka branch.

Alternatively, you can submit an application for Visa Gold charge card also via OTPdirekt, Internet banking .

Additional cardholder

Reliability and security you experience in managing of your finances with a Visa Gold charge card can easily be extended to your loved ones.