Dynamic Currency Conversion - DCC

What is a Dynamic Currency Conversion?

A Dynamic Currency Conversion (hereinafter referred to as: DCC) at ATMs of OTP banka d.d. is a type of cash withdrawal transaction available with Maestro, Cirrus, Mastercard and Visa cards issued by banks (issuers) outside the Republic of Croatia, and linked to accounts in one of the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CZK, DKK, HUF, NOK, SEK, CHF, GBP, USD, EUR or PLN.

DCC is a service enabling holders of foreign cards to withdraw cash in HRK at ATMs,

whereas, in addition to the amount requested in HRK, the cardholder will be provided the following information via ATM screen at the time of initiating the transaction:

  1. The exchange rate used to convert the Croatian kuna to a specific foreign currency (total of 12 foreign currencies available)
  2. The amount in the home currency that will be charged to the cardholder
  3. Ratio between the exchange rate used for the conversion and the exchange rate of the European Central Bank expressed in %.

The amount of the banking fee for the DCC transaction is calculated every working day, as a ratio between the OTP banka buy rate for foreign currencies, decreased by the DCC margin of 8.00% (or the night rate of 10%, applicable in the period from 00:00 until 05:00), and the European Central Bank’s exchange rate. This amount expressed in % is displayed on the ATM for reference purposes.

Summary of a DCC transaction:

  • After the card is inserted into an ATM and it is established that the card was issued abroad, the client is offered to choose between 6 different languages to proceed with the transaction. The available languages are Croatian, English, German, Italian, French and Hungarian.
  • During the transaction processing, the ATM identifies the type of card and the currency, and converts the amount in HRK to the final amount in the client’s home currency according to the relevant OTP banka d.d. exchange rate, as shown immediately under the line with HRK amount (for example, the amount converted to EUR is shown).
  • Two cash withdrawal options are offered on the same screen – withdrawal in local currency (HRK) or in the home currency of the cardholder (converted)
  • Proceeding to the next screen, the client must confirm the choice of currency (withdrawal in local or home currency) or cancel the transaction.

The transaction is completed based on the option chosen by the cardholder.

  •  In line with the Mastercard/Visa card schemes, OTP banka d.d. forwards the transaction information indicating the amounts in HRK and in the home currency, and the issuer bank charges the amount in the home currency to the cardholder based on the so provided ATM transaction information.
  • A transaction receipt (slip) printed out for the client on the ATM indicates the amount of the transaction in HRK and in the client’s home currency.