Dynamic Currency Conversion - DCC

At OTP banka ATMs and EFTPOS terminals you may avail of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) service, intended for the holders of international Maestro, Cirrus, MasterCard and Visa cards tied to EUR currency, Norwegian Krone, British Pound, Swedish Krone or US Dollar.

What is DCC

Upon standard withdrawal of cash abroad, cardholders are not familiar with the conversion rates; it is only when the cardholder receive the bank account statement that they see the rates. In the case of the DCC service, the cardholder is immediately shown the rates upon cash withdrawal, and asked to confirm the actual amount to be debited in the domicile currency.

Upon the withdrawal of cash at OTP banka ATMs, or purchase at OTP banka EFTPOS terminals, cardholders (eligible for a DCC transaction) independently decide if they wish to avail of the DCC service or not (standard or DCC cash withdrawal).

The service is in accordance with MasterCard and Visa rules, whereas the DCC rates vary in relation to the branch rates.