Current account

Current account

The current account of OTP banka enables you to manage your finances simply and efficiently, whilst having an overdraft option at your disposal should you need it. It is intended for retail customers with regular or temporary income, and offers a comprehensive and wide range of banking services. In addition, you can improve your solvency without having to provide any additional security.

There are several payment options available:

  • Visa Classic debit or Mastercard debit card - safe means of payment - widely accepted by retailers and cardholders in the country and in over 60 countries worldwide. Furthermore, it enables you to have access to cash and account balance information through a wide ATM network bearing Visa or Mastercard mark.
  • Standing orders - simple and easy way to pay your dues outside the Bank (e.g. overhead expenses), as well as those within the Bank (transfer of funds to other account holders with the Bank, loan instalment payments, payments onto regular savings or children savings accounts..). The Bank charges a fee for arranging a standing order in accordance with its Decision on Pricing.

Access your account directly, using different channels:

  • OTP banka Contact centre – information about your account by phone (00 385 21 559 110 or 00 385 72 21 00 21 ) – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • OTPdirekt - information about your account and performing of transactions via PC, using the Internet banking service, information about your account and performing of transactions by phone, using the Telephone banking service and information about changes to your account balance via short text messages sent to your mobile phone, using the SMS info service
  • ATM - wide network of our ATMs provides access to cash and information about the account balance at all times
  • EFT/POS terminals – enabling you to buy goods and pay for services without using cash

 The account holder may authorise up to three signatories of account. If you opt for it, the Bank will inform you once a month on the account balance and turnover for the previous month.

Current account overdrafts

Most of us sometimes wish to spend more money than available on the account. That is why we grant overdrafts at favourable rates of interest to our current account holders.


No ATM to be found just when you need cash?

Now you can access the cash in your current account at all Tisak's points of sale. If you hold an OTP banka debit card, this transaction will cost you only HRK 5! Similar to withdrawals at ATMs, when withdrawing cash at Tisak’s points of sale, you can opt for one of the pre-determined amounts, and you can check what they are before you decide to proceed with the transaction.