Insurance policies

Croatia osiguranje insurance policies at OTP banka branches may be arranged as of 01 June 2015. Experience and the quality of the service of Croatia osiguranje have ensured it a respectable market position in the domain of life and non-life insurance, with supplemental health insurance available from Croatia zdravstveno osiguranje, a subsidiary of Croatia osiguranje, as an extra element in the offer.

Life insurance

Osigurajte svoju i budućnost svoje obitelji uz police osiguranja života Croatia osiguranja d.d..

  • Basic insurance is a mixed endowment life insurance policy with a sum insured that is payable upon an accident resulting in death of the insured person.
  • Premium insurance is a mixed endowment life insurance policy with double insured amount payable upon an accident resulting in death of the insured person. A person may take out an insurance policy from the age of 14, which is the minimum, to the age of 65, which is the maximum. The insurance is agreed for the period from 10 to 30 years, and payments may be effected on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.
  • Exclusive insurance is an endowment life insurance policy where the premium is paid as a lump sum. The insurance may be agreed for the period between 10 and 30 years, from the minimum age of 14 to the maximum age of 65.

In addition to life insurance, supplemental insurance against personal accidents may also be arranged (such that result in permanent disability, daily hospital treatment costs, death caused by an accident), as well as supplemental insurance against severe illness.

Benefits of Basic, Premium and Exclusive life insurance policies:

  • a life insurance policy allows you share in the profits of Croatia osiguranje
  • a monetary donation is made to an expecting mother upon the birth of her child
  • the policy may be earmarked as collateral (pledged),
  • once the policy expires, you may freely dispose of the sum insured and the profits made.

Term life insurance

Insurance for the event of death of the borrower, which provides financial protection to the borrower's heirs against possible debt under the loan. Term life insurance may be arranged at any OTP banka branch, suited to your interest, with either a constant sum insured (the sum insured does not change throughout the loan life) or as a decreasing term life insurance (the sum insured is proportional to the amount of the principle throughout the loan repayment period).


Croatia Scholarship

Croatia Scholarship policy allows you to ensure quality education for your children, or to kick-start their independence. By selecting the amount, the policy holder may effect either monthly payment, annual payments or a lump sum payment, and the insurer undertakes to pay the beneficiary a personal monthly annuity.

The agreed annuity may be:

  • deferred – upon the expiry of the deferral period of 5 up to 20 years; the premium may be paid as a lump sum or there may be several, consecutive payments; the payment may be effected between the age of 14 and 30
  • scheduled – in the month following the arrangement of the insurance policy; one-off payment of the premium; pay-out may take between 2 and 10 years (up to 30 years of age max.)

In the case of a deferred annuity, children aged 30 days to 20 years are eligible for insurance, or aged 14 to 28 in the case of a scheduled annuity

In the event of consecutive payments, the minimum (annual) premium equals EUR 180.00, payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Where a lump sum payment is made, the minimum premium shall equal EUR 1,000.00.


Krug života (Circle of Life)

Krug života, whole life insurance, is primarily intended to alleviate the implications of high funeral costs, where the sum insured is not restricted to coverage of the funeral costs, but rather the family may freely dispose of the cash as they see fit. Any client aged 18 to 70 may take out insurance. Apart from the age requirement, there are no other requirements and a medical check-up is not required.

Depending on the age and the amount of the premium, the sum insured may range from the minimum EUR 1,000 up to a maximum of EUR 10,000.

The period during which the premium is paid ranges from 5 to 20 years, and the lowest monthly premium on an insurance policy may amount to EUR 3. The premium may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.



Non-life insurance policies


Insurance against accidents

Choose one of predefined packages Klasik, Klasik plus (Model 1 and Model 2), Aktiv and Aktiv+ and get insured against personal accidents. The main risks covered by the policy are permanent disability and death as a result of an accident. In order to arrange a policy you do not need a medical check-up, and the insurance premium is identical for all persons, regardless of age, occupation and health condition.


Property insurance – the structure

Whether dealing with your house, flat, holiday home or a self-catering apartment, your property (the structure) may be insured against the following risks: fire and lightning strike, blasts, storms, hailstorm, crash of your own or an unknown person's motor vehicle into the insured property, the crash or impact of an aircraft, demonstrations, flood, torrents and high water, water and sewage system spills, and supplemental coverage for insurance against earthquake, owner's liability, land-slides (applies to houses). An insurance policy may be agreed for one or several years (the insurance policy may also be collateralised, at a discount).


  • 5% where the insurance is agreed for a period between 5 and 9 years
  • 10% where the insurance lasts 10 years and longer
  • 5% for cash payments


Croatia imovina – insurance package for the property structure and household items

The insurance package by which we insure the structural part of the property and household items. By insuring the structural part of the property, you are insured against the following risks: fire, direct strike of lightning, storms, blasts, crash of a motor vehicle, crash and impact of an aircraft, public gathering, demonstration and strike, hailstorm, flood, torrents and high water, water and sewage system spills.

Upon insuring household items, the customer opts for one out of 3 programmes, depending on the type of property: occupied, unoccupied and self-catering apartments.

The insurance covers the following risks: fire, direct strike of lightning, blast, crash and impact of an aircraft, demonstration, storm, hailstorm, flood, torrents, landslides, avalanche and snow load damage, water and sewage system spills.


Travel health insurance

Should all of a sudden your trip take „a different turn“, your travel insurance will cover the medical costs incurred due to an accident or illness whilst abroad. In addition to the basic insurance policy, you may get insurance against accompanying risks: additional accident, loss of luggage, liability and Croatia assistance.