OTP Multi Fund


According to its features and nature, OTP Multi Fund is a structured UCITS fund with principal protection; its objective is to realise as high as possible capital yield on the principal whilst ensuring principal return without reduction upon termination of the Fund.

Fund’s characteristics and objectives:

  • Payment of investment without loss at the end of the investment period (principal protection),
  • Realisation of yield from interest-bearing portfolio segment and investment into option,
  • Predetermined investment period.

Whom is OTP Multi Fund intended for?

  • Investors who are willing to make mid-term investments,
  • Investors who wish to have the option of return of principal without reduction upon termination of the Fund, yet who also wish to assume capital market exposure up to a certain extent (invest part of assets in capital markets),
  • Investors who wish to preserve the value of their stake in euro currency.

Investment objectives and strategy

The Fund invests in the following securities:

  • Debt securities issued by the Republic of Croatia,
  • Deposits held with financial institutions,
  • Call option on investment funds,
  • Investment funds registered in the European Union, which predominately invest in low-risk debt securities,
  • Debt securities issued by the local government unit, regional government unit or a legal entity within the EU. 


For additional information and clarification of any questions about OTP Multi Fund, please visit OTP Invest site or the nearest OTP banka branch.