Calculation of the debit amount

* Exchange Rate:
(%) Difference vs. ECB Rate:
ECB = European Central Bank
* The exchange rate applicable in this calculation depends on the conversion of the transaction amount in the original currency into the settlement currency (EUR) as carried out by the card companies Visa and Mastercard. The exchange rate may differ on the same date depending on the current ECB exchange rate that changes during the day.
  • The overviews and calculations are relevant only for the transactions for which the bank has received the authorisations, and which have been made at foreign traders (including ATMs and other cash dispensing devices) within the European Economic Area (EEA) and in currencies from EEA.
  • In case of different transaction amounts for the same transaction date, type and currency, and for the same card brand and currency, aberrations per shown exchange rate are possible for calculation and differences (%) compared to the exchange of ECB, subject to rounding up or down in inter-currency calculations.
  • Minor aberrations are possible if the card companies do not indicate the amount to be debited in the settlement currency (EUR) equal to the one on which the shown calculation is based.
  • The nominal amount of the difference (%) from the ECB exchange rate, as indicated in the calculator, may vary from the exchange rate calculated at the moment the account is debited, since the exchange rates used for account debiting are the ones applicable at the moment of debiting, whilst the exchange rates used for the calculation purposes are the ones applicable at the moment of receiving of the transaction order.
  • In case the card company services are not available, the displayed information is based on the bank’s exchange rates, which does not have impact on the precision of the calculation for the transactions made in EUR.