Non-resident account

Non-resident account

A foreign individual can open an account, which is always made out to the customer's name. Inflows to such account can derive from salaries, pensions, fees, disability pensions, alimony, cashless and cash payments. Account holders can freely deposit and withdraw cash in domestic currency or foreign currency, to or from their accounts without restriction. Also, they can receive payments into their accounts and perform cashless payments and transfers, in accordance with the regulations stipulating foreign currency operations.

Take advantage of these opportunities

We offer a direct access to your account, using various channels:

  • OTP banka Contact Centre - information about your account, by phone (072 201 555) - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • M-banking service - providing information about accounts and enabling financial transactions via mobile phone – can be contracted in our branches
  • ATM - a wide network of our ATMs enables you to access cash and information about the account balance, as well as to top up mobile phone at all times
  • EFT/POS terminals - enabling you to buy goods and pay for services without using cash or cheques

Foreign individuals can open non-resident accounts in any of our branches.