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You need bank services?
The account with OTP banka enables you to manage your finances simply and efficiently and at the same time you can avail yourself of an additional range of products and services. 
OTP Cash loans
A long planned trip, skiing, a valuable present for your close one and much more is now within your reach with the OTP banka cash loan!
Always attentive to your needs and wishing to provide easier and faster banking, along with significant saving, we have created a package of services, tailored j
Online services
Mobile and internet banking, SMS info is what you need to have your bank with you at all times, and to manage your finances in a simple and accessible way.
Meet a small, kind and merry extra-terrestrial and his ever-present tiny space probe...
Special offers for card users
If you are an OTP banka cardholder, you are entitled to some additional advantages.

News and notifications

OTP participated in two successful international bond transactions in November this year. As part of a syndicate of dominant investment banks in the international bond market, OTP Bank supported as...
The most prestigious financial magazine The Banker selected OTP banka d.d. as the Bank of the Year in Croatia in 2021. OTP Bank in Hungary won the title in the same category. OTP Group is the...
For the first nine months Group-level trends played out overall positively.
OTP Group closed the second quarter with a profit more than analysts' expectations, with a consolidated profit after tax of HUF 121.8 billion, which is 31 percent higher than in the previous quarter...