Family savings

OTP Savings


Family savings enables setting up and merging a number of term deposits held by family members, whereby the interest rate is earned on the added up balance of all such deposits.


Family savings is a special type of savings with individually tailored interest, where you can choose between the standard and the annuity option. It is set up at the fixed rate of interest for the period of 365 (or 366) days. All term deposit agreements included into such family savings should be denominated in the same currency, have the same maturity date and same interest rate, which is applicable to the sum total of all family savings amounts, increased by the pertaining individually tailored interest percentage point.

To qualify for family savings, there should be at least two, but not more than six individual term deposits, where the total amount exceeds the equivalent of EUR 50 thousand, and individual deposits amounts exceed EUR 5 thousand. Only one term deposit is permitted per customer within such family savings arrangement. Family savings can be set up by and between husband and wife, or common-law partners, their children (whether born within marriage or not, or adopted), grandchildren, grandparents, grand-grandparents, brothers and sisters.