Foreign currency account for retail customers

Foreign currency account for retail customers

If you wish to have your foreign currency funds available in an easy, hassle-free and fast manner, and save money in the currency of your choice - make up your mind and open a foreign currency account with our Bank. The foreign currency account of OTP banka is completely tailored to meet your needs! It is intended for customers with a regular or temporary inflow in foreign currency, where funds can be deposited in all major currencies and are available on demand, with an overdraft option.

Take advantage of these opportunities

  • Your foreign currency account is directly linked to your current account, therefore you can easily transfers funds from one account to the other, either directly, in a branch, by a standing order or via Internet
  • You can arrange a standing order simply and easily:
    • to pay obligations within the Bank (by transferring funds between your accounts held with the Bank, transferring funds to other holders of current accounts with OTP banka, making payments into regular and children's savings accounts, repaying a loan instalment with OTP banka)
    • to pay obligations outside the Bank (the Bank charges a fee for arranging a standing order in accordance with the Decision on Pricing).
  • By opening a foreign currency account with OTP banka, you become a holder of a Visa Electron or a Mastercard debit card. As a current account holder, you can use the card at ATMs and POS terminals in the country and abroad. The balance of your current account (in domestic currency) will be reduced by any transaction made.  Sufficient funds should be provided in your current account if you intend to use the card outside our branches.
  • The funds in your foreign currency account will always be available:
    • to make deposits and withdrawals into and from your account, in foreign currency or in domestic currency equivalent - you may withdraw funds if and when needed, without prior notice, free of charge (1) 
    • for international payments (remittances) - if buying goods or making payment abroad for services rendered (2), following your order and no later than within 48 hours, the Bank will make a payment from your foreign currency account.
    • for money remittances via postal order- at your request the bank will debit your f/c account and remit the specified amount in domestic currency equivalent to the recipient’s home address.
  • At your request, funds held in your accounts with foreign banks will be urgently transferred to your account at OTP banka.
  • The account holder may authorise up to three signatories of account. No fee is charged for account opening. If you opt for it, the Bank will inform you once a month on the account balance and turnover for the previous month.


(1) a) if you wish to withdraw a substantial amount of cash that is not available in the branch, we undertake to meet your request in the shortest time possible, and no later than within four days.
b) FX funds that you purchased from the bank and deposited to your f/c account, or cash that you deposited to your account, are available for withdrawal either in foreign or domestic currency upon the lapse of eight days. In line with the Bank's Decision on Pricing, for any earlier withdrawal you will be charged a corresponding fee. This fee shall not apply to term deposits or international cashless payments.

(2) Pursuant to the Croatian legislation, Croatian residents may freely deposit and withdraw foreign currency funds from their f/c account. Foreign currency funds held at such account may be taken across the border without any restriction as to the amount. However, in line with the regulations of the Office for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, any transfer of cash in excess of equivalent of EUR 10,000 across the border must be notified to a customs officer.

The funds in such account can be used for international payments in connection with imported goods and services (subject to submission of an invoice or a pro-forma invoice) and other payments laid down by law.