OTP Dinamik savings

OTP Dinamik savings


Set up an OTP Dynamic Savings account and earn higher interest rates knowing you can have your funds at disposal at any moment!

Until now you have been holding a current account or an FX account without a second thought, and tying your funds for short periods only because you never know when you might need them? Then OTP banka’s Dynamic Savings product is right for you.


OTP Dynamic Savings is in fact your current or FX account on which you earn additional interest. Depending on the amount in your account, you are entitled to a higher interest rate, while your funds are at your disposal at all times. The higher the amount, the higher the interest rate.

The interest rates are defined for 5 different tiers depending on the amount in question. If your account balance is such that it qualifies for several different tiers, the interest is calculated each day for every tier and the results are summed up. The interest is calculated daily and capitalised annually.