Accounts for retail customers



Current account
The current account of OTP banka enables you to manage your finances simply and efficiently, whilst having an overdraft option at your disposal should you need it. It is intended for retail customers with regular or temporary income, and offers a comprehensive and wide range of banking services. In addition, you can improve your solvency without having to provide any additional security.
Children's current account
Children's current account is a demand deposit account in HRK or FC intended for children under 18. It is made out to the child’s name, and can be opened by parents or legal representatives/custodians, or even the minor himself/herself under the condition that he/she has business capacity. Make your child’s road to independence easier with children’s account of OTP banka.
Student current account
Student current account is an account with various advantages, intended just for you, university or high school student aged 15 or older. Appreciating your desire for independence and simplicity, and aware of the most common financial problems you face, we have tailored this account to suit your needs.  Therefore, to make your student days even happier, with one thing less to worry about, enter the world of modern banking and become an OTP banka student current account holder today!
Foreign currency account for retail customers
If you wish to have your foreign currency funds available in an easy, hassle-free and fast manner, and save money in the currency of your choice - make up your mind and open a foreign currency account with our Bank. The foreign currency account of OTP banka is completely tailored to meet your needs! It is intended for customers with a regular or temporary inflow in foreign currency, where funds can be deposited in all major currencies and are available on demand, with an overdraft option.
A giro account is a product available to citizens who receive some sort of compensation further to contract services agreements. Giro accounts are always made out to the customer's name. Funds are deposited by cashless payments for the work performed by independent professionals and other activities on a freelance basis (additional work, temporary service contracts, authors fee, patents and technical improvements).
A foreign individual can open an account, which is always made out to the customer's name. Inflows to such account can derive from salaries, pensions, fees, disability pensions, alimony, cashless and cash payments. Account holders can freely deposit and withdraw cash in domestic currency (HRK), or foreign currency, to or from their accounts without restriction. Also, they can receive payments into their accounts and perform cashless payments and transfers, in accordance with the regulations stipulating foreign currency operations.