Mastercard debit card

Mastercard debit card


Owing to the innovative technology, in addition to the common card functionalities the Mastercard debit card also enables contactless payment. This card is an excellent choice for the places where you shop every day (such as grocery stores, newsagents, fast food restaurants) because it speeds up the paying process significantly. This functionality is especially convenient at busy places, such as sports venues, museums, tourist attractions, festivals, clubs and similar.

Advantages of the Mastercard debit card

By using the Mastercard debit card you can avail yourself of all the security benefits of contactless payments:

  • Your card never leaves your hands at the checkout, you do not hand it to the salesperson;
  • For the transaction to be accepted, you need to tap your card against the reader;
  • Only bills once even if you tap the reader twice by mistake.

The daily card spending limit is capped at EUR 2.000 of which EUR 1.100 can be withdrawn at ATMs.

According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank records the financial transaction.


No ATM to be found just when you need cash?

Now you can access the cash in your current account at all Tisak's points of sale. If you hold an OTP banka debit card, this transaction will cost you only HRK 5! Similar to withdrawals at ATMs, when withdrawing cash at Tisak’s points of sale, you can opt for one of the pre-determined amounts, and you can check what they are before you decide to proceed with the transaction.