Mobile banking

OTP Mobile banking

OTP m-banking (OTP mobile banking) enables you to manage your finances anywhere, anytime. Using the special application designed for smart phones working on iOS and Android platforms, you can carry out basic financial transactions or access necessary information quickly and easily.


  • Overview of account information and turnover
  • Issuing HRK payment orders (internal or external), with a delayed payment option
  • Issuing orders for internal transfers
  • Issuing of a payment order by scanning 2D code found on the order
  • Saving and updating of payment orders and internal transfer templates
  • Foreign currency sale or purchase
  • GSM prepaid
  • Overview of given orders by status and by selected period
  • Receipts delivered to e-mail address
  • Transfer of funds to Visa web prepaid card
  • Transfer of funds to Mastercard contactless prepaid card
  • Transfer to the revolving card account
  • Overview of details of bank cards and related accounts turnover
  • Overview of details of existing loans
  • Overview of details of existing savings
  • Overview of standing orders or direct debits
  • Overview of balance of units in investment funds, with other useful information
  • Currency calculator
  • Deposit calculator
  • Loan calculator
  • Mailbox

Apart from the standard financial payment transactions and insight, the open portion of the application (functioning immediately after download, not requiring the user to log in) provides a number of useful functions, such as:

  • Access to the applicable and archived currency exchange rates
  • Navigation to the nearest branch or ATM location
  • Demo version of the application








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The application is free and easily accessible via Internet banking or mobile banking!


How to become a user of OTP mobile banking service?

All you need to do is read the General Terms and Conditions of using OTP mobile banking and deliver the filled in application form to your nearest OTP banka branch. OTP mobile banking can also be set up without having to pay a visit to the branch, by using the Internet banking service.

Upon approval of your request, you will receive a text message containing the link for application download and the initial password necessary to activate the application.


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OTP m-banking application for iOS and Android mobile phone platforms is PIN protected (PIN known only to the mobile phone owner) and together with the integrated software token provides safety even in case of a theft or loss of the mobile phone. The information connected to accounts and PIN are not automatically stored on the phone, which means that confidentiality is guaranteed. For even better protection against unauthorised access, the application turns off automatically after 3 minutes of idle time, and locks up automatically after 3 consecutive wrong PIN entries.