Giro account of resident retail customers

Giro account of resident retail customers

A giro account is a product available to citizens who receive some sort of compensation further to contract services agreements. Giro accounts are always made out to the customer's name. Funds are deposited by cashless payments for the work performed by independent professionals and other activities on a freelance basis (additional work, temporary service contracts, authors fee, patents and technical improvements).

Take advantage of these opportunities

We offer a direct access to your account, using various channels:

    • OTP bank Contact Centre – information about your account by phone (072 201 555) - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • OTPdirekt
      • information about your account and performing of transactions via PC, using the Internet banking service
      • information about your account and performing of transactions by phone, using the Telephone banking service
      • information about changes to your account balance via short text messages sent to your mobile phone, using the SMS info service

The account holder may authorise up to three signatories of account. If you opt for it, the Bank will inform you once a month on the account balance and turnover for the previous month.

Transfer of funds to the current account

For a hassle-free payment of any obligations (e.g. overhead expenses) outside the Bank, as well as within the Bank (crediting current accounts held by other customers of the Bank), you can arrange a transfer of funds from your giro to your current account via standing order.
If you would like to have the funds in your giro account available on your current account, there is the standing order option. This way, with your current account card, you will be able to make cash withdrawals and purchase goods and services across our network of ATMs and EFT/POS terminals.
The Bank charges a fee for arranging a standing order in accordance with its Decision on Pricing.