Annuity savings

OTP Savings


Annuity saving is a novelty in the OTP banka’s savings products offer, enabling you to freely dispose of the interest you earn even before the term deposit expires. Just like any annuity, the interest earned here is your regular income, automatically deposited to your current or foreign currency account, depending on the term deposit currency, whilst the principal remains tied. Improve the quality of your life and increase your regular income with your annuity savings income. 


Annuity savings is a special form of savings where the interest represents a regular income and is automatically transferred to your current or foreign currency account – depending on the currency of your term deposit - whilst the principal remains tied.

You may choose the interest payment dynamics:

  • monthly,
  • quarterly,
  • semi-annual or
  • annual.

The rate of interest is fixed and it depends on the currency, term and amount of the deposit.  

You can opt for a one-off or a roll-over deposit, when your term deposit is automatically renewed at the rate of interest applicable on the renewal date and for the same term that was agreed initially.

The smallest amount that can be tied in such a way is EUR 250, or the equivalent in other currencies.