Code of Ethics

The Bank is focused on keeping the value of the owner’s equity by raising higher the bar of efficiency and profitability, applying the adequate risk management tools, achieving full compliance with the relevant legislation and by keeping the ethical values and principles specified in the Code of Ethics.

The most important factor in our past and present accomplishments has been our good business relationship with the clients and business partners. Our success is a consequence of committed work of skilled, creative employees who adhere to the ethical norms. To promote the usual practice, the Board decided to lay down and implement standard ethical rules by adopting this Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics is a primary, fundamental system of ethical rules of the Bank that complement the provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Croatia and the internal regulations of the Bank.

The ethical rules indicate to the direction to follow whilst carrying out everyday tasks, in communication with the colleagues, business partners and other interested persons, in accordance with the good business repute of the Bank and its role in the market.

The Bank and its Board are especially committed to ensuring of lawful operations that imply adhering to all the legislation of the Republic of Croatia, and other relevant legislation, internal regulations and contractual commitments.


How to report ethics offence / regulatory breach

If you suspect or have information o behavior or negligence that is contrary to values defined in The Code of Ethics, or on actions or omissions that represent regulatory breach you can report it in spoken or written form at:

  • in writing using address of Confidential Person

OTP banka d.d.

Senior Director of Compliance and AML Directorate

Ulica Domovinskog rata 61 21000 Split, Croatia