Visa Gold credit card

Visa Gold credit card


If you are an active participant in different social events, if you enjoy imaginative travel and luxury shopping, and wish to bring a breath of glamour and a dose of luxury into your lifestyle, choose Visa Gold card of OTP banka.  Visa Gold card is a prestigious and recognisable means of payment that provides security and top service wherever you may be.  With a Visa Gold card everything is affordable – far away trips, best hotels, top restaurants and luxury shops throughout the world.

Take the advantages we offer

Basic characteristics:

  • Higher cash advance limits
  • Insurance – compensation of damages that have been arranged for you by OTP banka:
    • Insurance against accidents (in case when accident result is death or permanent disability)
    • Travel insurance
  • Revolving model, available upon applying for a card or when you are already holding one


Revolving* model

A Visa Gold card contracted on the revolving principle enables you to dispose of your funds in the amount of the approved revolving credit***.  A revolving loan is an on-going credit facility, with a fast and simple granting procedure.
It is up to you to decide when and what amount you will withdraw, in line with your needs and wishes. Likewise, you decide when and what amount you will settle, provided that the mandatory floor amount of 5% of the utilised amount is repaid each month.
   * Revolve (v.) - to go in a circle around a central point
   ** Revolving credit - the available credit replenishes automatically after payments are made

Top service

Feel at home anywhere in the world and avail yourself of a number of advantages that the Visa Gold card brings. All Visa Gold cardholders have the following services at their disposal:

  • Visa customer services, GCAS 24x7x365
  • Emergency card replacement
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Visa special offers and /or discounts
  • Insurance against accidents (in case when accident result is death or permanent disability)
  • Travel insurance
  • Contact Centre of OTP banka available 24x7x365


Pay and travel safely - insured by Croatia osiguranje d.d.

A special agreement concluded between OTP banka and the insurance company Croatia osiguranje d.d. provides for the following benefits available to the Visa Gold cardholders:

  • Insurance against accidents (in case when accident result is death or permanent disability)
  • All cardholders are insured 24 hours a day
  • Insurance against accidents on all journeys paid for by Visa Gold card, as follows:
    • insurance coverage for lost luggage and/or documents in air transport
    • insurance coverage for checked-in luggage delays longer than 4 hours
    • insurance coverage for flights delayed over 4 hours
  • The right to the coverage from Croatia osiguranje can be exercised by every cardholder who reports such a case to OTP banka.

Card usage

Simple and easy use

Visa cards are accepted in the retail networks worldwide. Visa Gold card enables you to pay free of charge at all points of sale bearing the Visa sign, make withdrawals around the clock at all ATMs bearing the Visa sign, whether in the country or abroad.

The Visa Gold card makes payment simple. It is enough to present the card at the point of sale, sign the receipt and take a copy. Before you sign, make sure you check the amount debited and the receipt copy.

Your Visa Gold card is your access to modern shopping channels. Simply fill in the card data required, and you can shop on the internet, or make television, telephone or catalogue purchases. 


Cash advance limits

Within the daily and monthly cash limits, and depending on the available balance and total approved limit, you can use your card for cash withdrawals at ATMs and at banks bearing Visa signs in the country and abroad. The daily cash withdrawal limit is capped at EUR 800, and spending limit is capped at EUR 3.500.


Cost control

Do you know that the information about the balance and turnover of your current, foreign currency or transfer account, or about the monthly costs charged to your credit or prepaid card can be sent to the e-mail address you provide? This service is free of charge and can be contracted in any OTP banka branch and or via eLEMENT@ Internet banking.

The monthly statement delivered to you by the bank will include the record of costs incurred over the preceding accounting period, and your account will be debited on the day you chose as the most convenient for you. You can check the receipts you have from the preceding accounting period against the itemised statement.

If you wish, you can settle the expenses as soon as they are accrued, and thus replenish the available credit even before the due date.

As for the revolving model, the mandatory monthly payment of only 5% of the utilised revolving credit is automatically charged every month to your current or foreign currency account. You can be issued a card even if you do not hold a current or a foreign currency account with OTP banka. If you do hold a current account with OTP banka, such account automatically becomes the primary settlement account, or the secondary settlement account, in case you choose your foreign currency account to be the primary one (which basically means that, in case there are no sufficient funds in your foreign currency account, any unsettled portion of the debt will be debited to your current account). If you wish, your payment may exceed the set minimum amount, or you may choose to repay the debt in full. Each payment towards credit settlement increases the amount available for further spending, i.e. the credit amount is renewed up to the approved credit limit. 
Striving to ensure a simple and efficient control of the expenses, we will send you an itemised statement of all the expenses. 

All the expenses incurred abroad shall be shown in domestic currency on your monthly statement. You can receive your monthly statement of account to your e-mail address free of charge if you contract the service via eLEMENT@ Internet banking or in your nearest OTP banka branch!

Using the services of OTPdirekteLEMENT@ Internet banking or telephone banking, via Internet or by calling the Contact Centre on 0800 210 021, you can check the transactions on your credit account at your convenience, you can check the notifications on costs incurred and make payments without having to come to the bank.

You can efficiently control the use of your card also via SMS info service. 
If you use eLEMENT@ Internet banking service, you can have an insight into the itemised costs, and do not need to have a hard copy of the statement delivered to your address. Of course, at your request, the itemised statement can be delivered to any address you choose.


Interest accrual

Interest is not accrued for the purchases made in the current accounting period, i.e. the period lasting one month, between two revolving credit accounting dates (the last and the upcoming one). 
According to the revolving model, interest is charged on cash withdrawal transactions from the date the transaction is recorded in the Bank until the date the payment is made.
The interest is accrued for the utilised revolving credit amount until final repayment of such revolving credit, as stipulated by Bank’s internal regulations.

The amount of accrued interest is reported in the itemised invoice information and is fully included into the minimum revolving credit amount to be repaid monthly.


According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank records the financial transaction.


How to become a cardholder

If you would like to become a Visa Gold cardholder,  familiarise yourself with the General Terms and Conditions of Issuance and Use of Visa Gold card, fill in the application and visit the nearest  OTP banka branch
Alternatively, you can submit an application for Visa Gold card also via OTPdirekteLEMENT@ Internet banking.

Each principal Visa Gold cardholder may appoint two additional members to jointly dispose of the approved credit proceeds.