OTP Savings
OTP Savings

Check out the extensive range of savings products of OTP banka and choose the one that suits you best: Term deposit at fixed interest, Arranged savings, Family savings, Annuity savings, Direct savings, Children scheduled savings, Scheduled savings, Term deposit at variable rate of interest, OTP Dinamik savings, Optional pension savings. 

  With this type of savings, funds are tied in different currencies for a fixed term (from 1 to 60 months), and at a rate of interest which remains the same until the expiry date. The minimum deposited amount is the equivalent of EUR 250. If you would like to know the interest you will earn at the expiry of your term deposit, simply set up the savings with the fixed rate of interest.
  If you wish to deposit an amount exceeding EUR 25,000, we are willing to negotiate an individually tailored interest!
  Family savings enables setting up and merging a number of term deposits held by family members, whereby the interest rate is earned on the added up balance of all such deposits.
  Annuity saving is a novelty in the OTP banka’s savings products offer, enabling you to freely dispose of the interest you earn even before the term deposit expires. Just like any annuity, the interest earned here is your regular income, automatically deposited to your current or foreign currency account, depending on the term deposit currency, whilst the principal remains tied. Improve the quality of your life and increase your regular income with your annuity savings income. 
  Children's scheduled savings account is a special type of a savings account where amounts are deposited monthly into a child's savings account at a stimulating rate of interest. If monthly deposits exceed the agreed amount, the savings can be transferred to a higher tier and earn even higher interest! Children's scheduled savings account is opened by a legal representative (parent) or a custodian on behalf of the child who is the owner of the savings account. It is intended for children under 18.
  If you have set a goal to save some money, the scheduled savings account of OTP banka is the right product for you. The scheduled savings account is a special type of a deposit account requiring monthly payments into the account at a stimulating rate of interest. If monthly deposits exceed the agreed amount you can earn even higher interest!
  Set up an OTP Dynamic Savings account and earn higher interest rates knowing you can have your funds at disposal at any moment! Until now you have been holding a current account or an FX account without a second thought, and tying your funds for short periods only because you never know when you might need them? Then OTP banka’s Dynamic Savings product is right for you.
  Optional retirement savings in Croatia osiguranje Voluntary Pension Fund enables you to create income for your retirement and your future living standard by yourself. This is one of the most cost-effective savings solutions because apart from the Fund’s yield you are also entitled to government subsidies. You can begin using the optional pension savings once you turn 50.