Visa Classic instalment card

Visa Classic instalment card


You can afford more with a Visa Classic installment credit card. You can shop or make cash withdrawals, repaying in as many as 12 monthly installments, at your convenience.  That is what makes Visa Classic installment card a card for every occasion!

Take the advantages we offer

Visa Classic installment card is a special credit card that you can use in the country and abroad, as it enables you to

  • make a purchase and pay in up to 12 monthly installments, at all points of sale that accept Visa, including online shopping,
  • make cash withdrawals and repay in up to 12 monthly installments. This service is available at ATMs and EFTPOS terminals of OTP banka and other banks.


Payment made easy

When shopping with Visa Classic installment card, you do not need to indicate the payment method, it is sufficient to present your card, sign the receipt and take its copy.

Your installment model is predefined as already upon contracting of the card you choose from the list of models the one that suits your needs best. It is possible to change the chosen model or to prepay the debt at OTP banka branches at any time, whilst the clients using OTPdirekt can prepay even through that service, by Internet .

Card usage

Card and cash advance limits

The total Visa Classic installment card limit is capped at the amount equal to the authorised overdraft based on the regular income, and it represents a completely separate credit limit and independent available balance. The daily card spending limit is capped at EUR 3.000 of which EUR 1.100 can be withdrawn at ATMs.


Cost accrual

When you make a transaction with your Visa Classic installment card, the related expense is deducted from the total available balance, and on the first business day of each month a hold will be placed on your current account in the amount of instalments falling due that month. The instalments fall due each month, in equal time intervals, where the first installment falls due a month after it has been posted in OTP banka.  You do not have to worry about payment as the installments are automatically debited to your current account, and the balance available on the card is adjusted in a way that with each new paid installment you have the same amount available again.

A fee shall be charged for all purchase prices divided into two or more installments, and it will be debited one-off, with the first instalment. The fee amount depends on the number of instalments.


Points of sale with special offers

Shopping with your Visa Classic installment card can earn you special bargains at certain labelled points of sale, free of one-off fee provided you use OTP banka EFT/POS terminal. Look for OTP banka sticker!

All cash withdrawal transactions are subject to a fee. Fees for cash withdrawals at EFT/POS terminals of OTP banka are lower than those charged for withdrawals at other terminals.

There is no annual membership fee for this card. The membership fee is accrued monthly and paid only in those months when one or more installments fall due.


Division into installments

By choosing the basis for installment calculation and capping the number of installments, you create your own installment payment model. The number of installments may range from 2 to 12 equated monthly installments, and the installment amounts one can choose from are: EUR 25, 40 or 65. Once you decide on the main elements that define your personal payment model, the installments will be calculated automatically.

The installment system is very simple in terms of mathematics. The number of instlallments is the result of the division of the transaction amount by the installment basis amount.  If the result of such division is not a whole number, it is to be rounded up to the first whole number, making sure it is not higher than the installment number cap.

Installment calculation example: - you have chosen the installment amount of EUR 40, and the number of installments you have capped at 12; You have withdrawn the amount of /made a purchase in the amount of:

  • EUR 10; 10/40=0.25, by rounding this result up you will get 1, which means that the amount of HRK 100 will be repaid in a single installment, i.e. the full amount as it falls due;
  • EUR 120; 120/40=3, the amount of HRK 900 will be repaid in 3 equated monthly installments;
  • EUR 410; 410/40=10.25, by rounding this result up you will get 11, which means that the amount of HRK 3,100 will be repaid in 11 equated installments;
  • EUR 530; 530/40=13.25, the result must be rounded down to 12 because the chosen installment model foresees no more than 12 equated installments.

Using the same method, and under the same conditions, you can calculate the number of installments for any transaction amounts:

  • amounts lower than or equal to EUR 40 - 1 installment
  • amounts ranging from EUR 40 - 80 - 2 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 80 -120 - 3 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 120 -160 - 4 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 160 -200 - 5 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 200 -240- 6 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 240 -280 - 7 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 280 -320 - 8 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 320 -360- 9 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 360-400 - 10 equated installments
  • amounts ranging from EUR 400 -440 - 11 equated installments
  • amounts in excess of EUR 440 - 12 equated installments


Example of a Visa Classic installment card transaction

You have an authorised overdraft of EUR 2.000 based on your regular income.

You have set up a Visa Classic installment card, with the installment basis of EUR 40, and no more than 8 installments.

Your card limit is capped at EUR 2.000, that is, it is the same as your authorised overdraft.


Table: Overview of cost calculations for a few transactions made on the same day

Point of sale Price paid (EUR) No. of instalments Installment amount (HRK) Fee* Fee in EUR
Flagged 130 4 32,5 0,00% 0,00
Not flagged 300 8 37,5 1,20% 3,60
Not flagged 30 1 30 0,00% 0,00
Not flagged 310 8 38,75 1,20% 3,72
Total 770   138,75   7,32


The balance available on the card will be reduced to EUR 1,230 (approved limit minus the total amount spent).

Based on those transactions, the installments will fall due over the period of 8 months, so the membership fee will be accrued in those month in the amount of EUR 1,99 per month*.

20th of the next month, once the first installments totalling EUR 138,75 have been paid, the available card limit will increase by EUR 1.368,75.


* According to the Decision on Pricing effective as at 1/4/2024.

Depending on the way the card is used, the interest charged is the average effective rate (APR) containing the total credit cost, and expressed as the annual percentage. APR is a useful tool when comparing different offers. In case of an instalment card, under the assumption that the entire limit is spent at once, that repayment is scheduled in equal monthly installments over 12 months, and that the total limit is EUR 1.493,13, APR equals max 8,23%. This particular calculation includes: largest fee for the standard fund withdrawal mechanism, monthly membership and monthly current account management fee. Different amounts and different withdrawal dynamics, longer or shorter repayment periods, or payments of various amounts, would naturally result in different APR.


Cost control

Do you know that the information about the balance and turnover of your current, foreign currency or transfer account, or about the monthly costs charged to your credit or prepaid card can be sent to the e-mail address you provide? This service is free of charge and can be contracted in any OTP banka branch and or via Internet banking.

Monthly cost calculation delivered by the bank is a record of all the costs incurred in the preceding accounting period, and your account will be debited on the date you agreed to. You can check the receipts you kept against the monthly cost calculation. Any goods or services purchased abroad will be shown in local currency on your monthly statement. You can receive your monthly statement of account to your e-mail address free of charge if you contract the service via Internet banking or in your nearest OTP banka branch!

Having insight into the available balance on your card, you can be more at ease whilst using it. You can check your available balance at all times via ATM, via Internet banking, by placing a call to our Contact Centre on the number 0800 210 021 or by visiting one of our branches.

You can control the use of your Visa Classic installment card by way of a monthly statement listing all the installments falling due within a certain month. If you choose this option, the statement will be delivered to the address you indicate. In addition to that, you can control the use of your card via internet or phone, through the services of OTPdirekt, Internet banking, Telephone banking and/or SMS info.


According to EU Regulation 518/2019, the cardholders have insight into the calculation of the amount to be debited in the card currency in case of the transactions they made at cross-border retailers (including ATMs and cash dispensing machines) from the European Economic Area (EEA) and in foreign currencies from EEA, the authorisation for which is received by the Bank, and can compare it against the exchange rate of the European Central Bank (ECB). The exchange rate value date applicable upon posting will be the transaction date, that is, the date the bank records the financial transaction. 


How to become a cardholder?

All Croatian citizens over 18 years of age who have an authorised overdraft on their current account with OTP banka shall be considered eligible Visa Classic installment cardholders. One only needs to submit a filled in card application form to the nearest OTP banka branch.
You also can authorise two additional Visa Classic installment cardholders.