OTP Plus package for retail customers

OTP Plus package for retail customers

Make your banking even easier - choose OTP Plus package! As a part of OTP Plus package we extend you the privilege of a Premium banker who will ensure that your requests are met in a fast and efficient manner. OTP Plus package provides ease and simplicity in managing of one’s finances via contemporary channels such as internet and mobile banking, and offers different investment options, whilst the included Visa Gold card entails a number of additional benefits. Using the services of a Premium banker - person who will always stand at your disposal, rich in experience and expertise to assist you in managing of your finances – is indeed an advantage. If you wish, your Premium banker can arrange all the services you choose in your name and at your request, leaving you more of that precious free time. 

Advantages of OTP Plus package

  • Premium banker’s services with the following privileges:
    • Service provided in a more comfortable and private environment
    • Advice about the entire Bank’s product range
    • Advising on and arranging of all services at a single location
    • Announced arrival option to avoid queuing
    • Option of giving transaction orders to your private banker by phone or fax
    • Priority in the loan approval procedure
    • Investment portfolio service
  • Mediation in brokerage services
  • Mediation in services offered by OTP Invest

  • Mediation in services offered by OTP Leasing

  • Mediation in services offered by OTP Nekretnine

  • Mediation in using products and services of the insurance company with which the Bank concluded a business cooperation agreement
  • Opening and managing of a current, a foreign currency and a giro account free of charge
  • No fee for opening and managing of OTP Dinamik savings current/FX account
  • Internet banking service (OTP direct / OTP mobile token), Telephone banking and Mobile banking free of charge, with discounts offered for online payments
  • Opening and effecting of standing orders free of charge
  • International remittances free of charge
  • Pension available on the 1st day of each month
  • Overdraft on the current account ranging from 0.5 to 3 average monthly inflows, at lower rate of interest
  • Lower interest rates on revolving credit card loan (Visa Gold credit card)
  • Loan approval without front-end fee
  • Higher interest paid (negotiable) on term deposits exceeding EUR 25,000
  • Single monthly fee charged for the package


* Subject to meeting terms and conditions set by the Bank