Term deposit at fixed interest rate

OTP Savings


With this type of savings, funds are tied in different currencies for a fixed term (from 1 to 60 months), and at a rate of interest which remains the same until the expiry date.
The minimum deposited amount is the equivalent of EUR 250. If you would like to know the interest you will earn at the expiry of your term deposit, simply set up the savings with the fixed rate of interest.

Take advantage of these opportunites

The advantage of fixed interest term deposits over variable-interest term deposits lies in the fact that as soon as the deposit agreement is entered into, the Bank guarantees the final amount of interest to be paid out, regardless of interest rate fluctuations in the market.

Additional advantages of savings at a fixed rate of interest:

Automatic roll-over option When setting up a term deposit you may choose among the following options upon expiry of the agreement:

  • automatic roll-over of the term deposit, together with the interest
  • automatic roll-over of the term deposit, whilst the interest is paid to your demand deposit account

Upon automatic roll-over, the term of the deposit remains the same, earning the interest rate valid on the day of such roll-over. This way you save time because you do not need to come to a branch to extend your term deposit. We will do it for you.

Option of additional overdraft amounting to 80% of tied funds

You urgently need the money you tied with the Bank?  You do not have to cancel your deposit agreement. Instead, you can take advantage of the additional overdraft option whereby you can withdraw the equivalent of 80% of your deposit in the form of your current account overdraft.  All you need to do is visit our branch, sign an agreement and you will be able to use the overdraft the same day.