Direct savings

OTP Savings


Direct Savings is a new service within the OTPdirekt package, which enables you to set up a term deposit with special, additional benefits. You can contract this service via Internet, by using Internet banking or by using the telephone banking service. Save time by using the OTPdirekt services and enjoy maximum comfort by performing financial transactions from the place that suits you best, at the time most convenient for you and under the conditions even more favourable than those offered in a branch.

Take the advantages offered

Without visiting a bank’s branch, with the interest rate which is by 0.10 percentage points higher than the standard interest rate, you can set up the following:

  • Term deposit at variable interest rate
  • Term deposit at fixed interest rate
  • Annuity savings at variable interest rate or fixed interest rate

To get a non-binding information about the interest you can earn on your term deposit, and help in selecting the savings that best suits your needs, you can use our deposit calculator. 

Depending on the type of the savings with individually tailored interest, you may choose among different terms, with an additional advantage provided by Direct Savings whereby you can tie your funds for a period as short as 15 days.

Using the Direct Savings service you can arrange that your term deposit rolls over automatically after the expiry, at the rate of interest valid on the date of such roll-over and the period same as in the original agreement. 

However, the term deposits agreed for a period of 15 days cannot be rolled over automatically, but the entire procedure must be repeated.

Annuity savings can be arranged in the domestic currency (HRK), Euro (EUR), US dollar (USD) or Swiss frank (CHF), whilst term deposits can also be set up in Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD) and British pound (GBP).

The smallest amount that can be tied in such a way is EUR 250, or the equivalent in other currencies.


How can you avail yourself of the Direct Savings service

If you wish to use the Direct Savings service, just fill in an application for OTPdirekt service and deliver it to your nearest OTP banka branch. The employees in the branch will provide you with a token required for such service, and the PIN for your token will be mailed to your address.


What is a token?

The token is a device which resembles a calculator, and every time when the Telephone banking service is used it generates a one-off secret number used for identification when accessing your accounts. 

The token provides a permanent access to your accounts with OTP banka. Just take it with you to your office, on a journey, or any place where you have access to telephone, where you can carry out transactions on your accounts - as if you were in a branch. You do not need any particular skills for this, or additional IT knowledge - simply enter the numbers displayed on the token and step into the world of banking!