Scheduled savings

Scheduled savings


If you have set a goal to save some money, the scheduled savings account of OTP banka is the right product for you. The scheduled savings account is a special type of a deposit account requiring monthly payments into the account at a stimulating rate of interest. If monthly deposits exceed the agreed amount you can earn even higher interest!


  • You can choose monthly amounts you wish to deposit, provided such amounts are not lower than EUR 25
  • Fixed interest rate
  • You can even make a number of deposit within one month, in which case all the deposits added up should not be lower than the contracted amount
  • The manner and date of monthly payments: by a standing order, by cash deposits, by a transfer from a transaction account or combining the before-mentioned methods.
  • It is up to you to choose the date when the standing order is executed.
  • The rate of interest depends on the sum of the agreed monthly deposits (target amount) that will be paid in over the deposit period, as well as on its duration.
  • You may tie your funds for: 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60-month periods,
  • Automatic rollover: if by the expiry date you give no indication of wishing to terminate your scheduled savings, it will be automatically rolled over under the same conditions (the same amount of monthly deposits, term and date of payment).

Upon transfer to a higher tier, the interest rate set by the currently valid Decision on Interest shall to apply to the entire savings amount. Exceptionally, if that rate of interest is lower than the rate of interest earned before the transfer to the higher tier, the Bank shall continue paying such higher rate of interest.

Information on savings

The Bank provides an insight into the account balance and the account data via:

  • Contact Centre of OTP banka at 072 201 555
  • personal computer: Internet banking menu on the Bank’s web site. To avail themselves of this option, customers are required to fill in an application form and take a token
  • Bank’s branches