Overdrafts on the current account

Most of us sometimes wish to spend more money than available in the account. That is why we at OTP banka approve current account overdrafts at competitive interest rates to our current account holders.

How can you get an overdraft?

  • By setting up an overdraft - if you receive a regular income (salary, pension, scholarship etc.) in your current account, you can fill in the application form in any of our branches. Such overdrafts are updated twice a year, and you will be notified of any changes to the authorised overdraft amount at your disposal at least 30 days prior to their effective date by a statement of account, OTP direct service (Internet banking), SMS service or in our branches.
  • Additional overdraft based on regular inflow to the current account - if you use one of our packages and have been receiving regular monthly income (salary/pension in HRK) to the account held with the Bank for at least 6 months, you can opt for setting up an additional overdraft on the current account, and choose one of the offered overdraft models equalling:
    • 50% of the average regular income
    • 100% of the average regular income
    • 150% of the average regular income
    • 200% of the average regular income
    • 300% of the average regular income
  • An additional overdraft in the amount of 80% of deposited funds - If you have a time deposit (either domestic or foreign currency) you can set up an additional overdraft on the current account amounting up to 80% of your time deposit at a favourable interest rate.
  • Overdraft on a student current account can be approved to students who are 18 or older, where the authorised overdraft can equal to:
    • the amount of the average quarterly inflow, for students receiving regular inflow
    • the amount of the standing order, subject to consent of the person who has set up such standing order
    • the amount of the deposited cash, with a notarized statement of the guarantor (no less than HRK 500 and no more than HRK 1,500).