Arranged savings

OTP Savings


If you wish to deposit an amount exceeding EUR 25,000, we are willing to negotiate an individually tailored interest!

Take advantage of these opportunities

Any savings with individually tailored interest rate earns a fixed interest until the expiry of the agreement. Therefore, the interest you earn upon the expiry of the term deposit remains fixed regardless of interest rate oscillations in the market.

You can set up such savings in HRK, EUR (euro), USD (American dollar), CAD (Canadian dollar), AUD (Australian dollar), GBP (British pound), with a free choice of maturity period: from 30 to 365 (366) days.

Special overdraft deal – up to 80% of tied funds

You urgently need the money you tied with the Bank? 

You do not have to cancel your term deposit agreement. Instead, you can take advantage of the additional overdraft option whereby you can withdraw the equivalent of 80% of your deposit in the form of your current account overdraft.  All you need to do is visit our branch, sign an agreement and you will be able to use the overdraft the same day. The rate of interest charged on such additional overdraft is LOWER than the rates of interest on other types of overdrafts.