Student current account

Student current account

Student current account is an account with various advantages, intended just for you, university or high school student aged 15 or older. Appreciating your desire for independence and simplicity, and aware of the most common financial problems you face, we have tailored this account to suit your needs.  Therefore, to make your student days even happier, with one thing less to worry about, enter the world of modern banking and become an OTP banka student current account holder today!

Take advantage of all opportunities

  • opening and managing of account free of charge
  • issuing of Visa Classic debit card or Mastercard debit card free of charge

 For holders aged 18 or older:

  • withdrawal of cash on the OTP banka ATMs free of charge
  • withdrawal of cash on the ATMs within the MBNET at lowest fees
  • withdrawal of cash on ATMs abroad
  • cashless payments for goods and services on all EFT/POS terminals in Croatia and abroad
  • overdraft on the current account with the lowest interest rate for the customers using OTP Indeks package
  • student loan

No ATM to be found just when you need cash?

Now you can access the cash in your current account at all Tisak's points of sale. If you hold an OTP banka debit card, this transaction will cost you only HRK 5! Similar to withdrawals at ATMs, when withdrawing cash at Tisak’s points of sale, you can opt for one of the pre-determined amounts, and you can check what they are before you decide to proceed with the transaction.


How to set up a student current account?

Setting up a student current account as a part of a free student package is the best option for you. Simply fill in the online form for the OTP Indeks student package, and choose additional free services that will make your account management easier. Already in the application you can choose the branch where you want to pick up your card. All you have to remember is to bring your ID card and your student ID booklet, or other proof of registration. 


Simple and accessible information

With an OTP banka student current account, the information on the account inflow and balance are available at any place and at any time in various forms:

  • OTP banka Contact Centre - information about your account by phone (072 201 555) - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Statement of account - if you wish, once a month the Bank can notify you about the account balance and turnover for the previous month.
  • Branches - our kind employees will provide you with any information you might need

 The services available after the holders turn 18 years of age:


Current account overdraft

We all need extra money from time to time. OTP banka provides a special and flexible solution to this problem - overdraft on your current account.
Depending on the type of inflow on your current account, OTP banka will approve an overdraft:

  • in the amount of the average quarterly inflow, for students receiving regular inflows
  • in the amount of the standing order, with the approval of the person who has given such standing order
  • in the amount of regular deposits to your account, with a statement endorsed by a guarantor,

and all that with at the interest rate lower than that paid by other current account holders.

 What are possible types of inflows into a student current account?

  • regular inflow - scholarships, pensions and similar,
  • standing order - contract under which, on the agreed date each month, funds are transferred to your account from the account of a current or foreign currency account holder with the Bank, having regular inflow,
  • cash deposits - monthly deposits of cash into your account paid over the bank’s counters, post office counters or by a standing order from an account without regular inflow.