OTP group organised an evening of water polo and charity

The OTP Group, as a sponsor of the European Water Polo Championship, organized an evening celebrating sport and humanity, and together with its partner Mastercard, the second birthday of the OTP Round Up donation scheme with a concert by Gibonni and the Mediterraneo Quartet.

With its members from Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and, of course, Croatia, OTP group is the sponsor of the European Water Polo Championship in Split, on which occasion it organized an event for its clients. In the garden of the Meštrović Gallery in Split, we marked this significant sporting event and together with our partner Mastercard celebrated the second birthday of the OTP Round Up donation scheme, with which we have been donating children's wards in hospitals across Croatia for the third year in a row.

"I am proud that our OTP Round Up scheme is celebrating its second birthday. So far, together with our clients, we have helped four hospitals, and this year we are rounding up for Čakovec and Dubrovnik. Together with our partner, Mastercard, we have already donated three million kunas, and almost 18,000 of our clients have already joined us in this campaign, having donated over one million kunas since the launching of the scheme. I thank them for that and invite all our other clients to join us in the  scheme for better treatment conditions for children across Croatia. Special thanks to all hospital workers who fight every day for the health of our children. I believe that the number of clients who round up will continue to grow and that the amount at the end of the year will be even higher", Balázs Békeffy, President of the Board of OTP banka, pointed out.

Two years ago, OTP banka d.d. launched a large donation scheme in cooperation with Mastercard, OTP Round up! with a view to enabling, together with its customers, better healthcare to children in hospitals across Croatia. Whenever a customer makes a contactless payment using Mastercard cards of OTP banka, amounts are rounded up, and purchases at any point of sale in the country or online, add to the balance in the donation account, set up specifically for this scheme. The scheme runs in cycles, where during each cycle funds are raised for two children's hospitals or children’s wards at hospitals. Cycles end upon lapse of the calendar year, funds are given to hospitals, and on the first day of the following year the meter is reversed, but not to zero, to HRK 1M donated by OTP banka and Mastercard® to this scheme at the beginning of each cycle.

The first cycle saw HRK 527,000 donated to the paediatric unit of the General Hospital of Šibenik, and the Department of Neonatology at the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, i.e. Petrova hospital in Zagreb, respectively for the procurements of necessary equipment. In the second cycle we raised a total of HRK 1,620,000 for an ultrasound machine for the paediatric cardiology department of Paediatric Clinic, University Hospital of Split and for the refurbishment of the of the existing accommodation units in the children's surgery ward of the Children’s Hospital Zagreb.

In the third cycle we are rounding up for the children’s wards in the Čakovec County Hospital and the Dubrovnik General Hospital, and the meter on the OTP banka website that shows the daily balance of the donation now measures over HRK 1,490,000 for this cycle.

The director of the Čakovec County Hospital, Dr Igor Šegović, and the director of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, Mario Bekić, Ph. D. med thanked us for including them in this year’s cycle of the OTP donation scheme and emphasized the importance of this large donation in improving health care conditions for our youngest in Dubrovnik and Čakovec.

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