Dubrovnik General Hospital presented with a cheque of EUR 114,739.00 collected within the OTP Round Up Scheme

OTP Round Up Fundraising Scheme was initiated by OTP banka and Mastercard in 2020. In the meantime, over 18,000 of our clients joined in and have been rounding up the sums they pay to the nearest whole kuna, and thus donating to better healthcare for children in Croatia. Their contributions, together with the initial donations of € 125,000 paid in by OTP banka and Mastercard at the start of each of three fundraising cycles so far, helped raise almost € 600,000 for children’s wards in 6 hospitals nationwide. The 4th cycle was initiated at the beginning of 2023, and we have been rounding up with the hospitals in Osijek and Zadar in mind.     

In the third cycle, which lasted throughout 2022, we collected funds for the Čakovec County Hospital and the Dubrovnik General Hospital. Only last week a donation was made to the Čakovec hospital, and Dr Mario Bekić, director of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, was presented the cheque of € 114,739.00 last Wednesday. The cheque was handed in by Mr Balázs Békeffy, president of the Board of OTP banka and Gibonni, singer/songwriter who - as the ambassador of the project from the very start – selflessly supports this goal for the welfare of the children.

On this occasion, Dr Mario Bekić said: “On behalf of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, we would like to say that we are pleased and grateful to OTP banka for recognising the needs of the young patients in our hospital and including us into their Round Up donation scheme. This year, the funds they collected will be used for furnishing the Children’s Ward of the Dubrovnik General Hospital, which means healthcare for children. We are deeply grateful to OTP banka and Mastercards, same as to the users of their services, for donating to raise the bar in paediatric care.

“Since we see corporate social responsibility as a part of our business policy, we are always trying to go an extra mile in the supporting the communities in which we operate, whether by donations or by volunteering. The OTP Round Up scheme is significant because it shows Bank’s eagerness to help, and represents a platform where over 18,000 clients joined forces with the Bank and Mastercard in order to provide better healthcare for children in Croatia. The number of clients taking part in this scheme is growing continuously, for which I am truly grateful. A special credit goes to all hospital staff, their compassion and care for children’s health. I hope this donation will make their job a bit easier.  Finally, I would like to invite all our clients who have not yet joined this scheme to do so.  This year, we are rounding up for the hospitals in Osijek and Zadar “, said Balázs Békeffy, president of the Board of OTP banka d.d.

Three years ago, in cooperation with Mastercard, OTP banka initiated a large fundraising scheme titled OTP Round Up!, through which, together with its clients it contributes to a better and more accessible healthcare at children’s wards in hospitals nationwide.  The scheme works in a way that OTP banka clients who hold Mastercard cards can round up the sums they pay in their contactless transactions to the nearest whole kuna. The option is available at any point of sale in Croatia or online, and every such donation credits a special donation account. The scheme runs in annual cycles, where the donations collected in each cycle go to two children’s hospitals or children’s wards in hospitals. Each cycle ends at the end of the calendar year, when the funds are credited to the hospitals. The fundraising meter is wound back, but it never starts at zero, given that OTP banka and Mastercard donate EUR 125,000 at the beginning of each cycle.

In the first cycle, the Šibenik Hospital Paediatric Ward and the Neonatology of the Zagreb Clinical Hospital (also known as Petrova) each received a donation of HRK 527.000 for the procurement of necessary equipment. The total of HRK 1,620,000 raised in the second cycle went toward the ultra-sound for the Paediatric Cardiology Ward of the Children’s Clinic in Split, and for refurbishment of the rooms at the Children’s Surgery at Klaićeva in Zagreb. The third cycle, which finished just recently, enabled two donations of  EUR 114,000.00 each to the hospitals in Dubrovnik and Čakovec.  During 2023 we will be rounding up  to raise funds for the hospitals in Osijek and Zadar.

For more information about the Round-Up donation scheme and the fundraising meter, please visit: https://www.otpbanka.hr/otp-zaokruzi


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