World Savings Day in OTP banka

Within its “Green Light for Knowledge“ program, OTP banka marked the World Savings Day by organizing visits of kindergartners and elementary school children to its branch offices across Croatia. Children from Zadar were also able to enjoy the company of OTO, OTP banka Children’s Savings mascot.

Almost all of around 100 OTP banka branch offices welcomed children and their educators between October 26 and 30. Branch managers took the time to explain all that they need to know about savings, while OTP banka prepared gifts for little visitors as well. On World Savings Day, October 31, out little friend extraterrestrial OTO visited the Sporting Center Ravnice playground in Zadar, enjoyed time with children, answered their questions, while his little assistant presented small gifts to each child.

OTP banka has been investing funds in encourageing development of education and science, and considers its contribution to financial literacy development as its special task. The bank participates, in this way, in the education of the youngest generation, by teaching them about the importance of saving and responsibly money conduct. 

* * *

World Savings Day is celebrated on October 31 as a memory of the First International Congress of savings institutions held in 1924 in Milan. This congress gathered representatives of world savings institutions who had tried to find a way out of the crisis caused by the World War I, so they concluded on this occasion that saving is necessary for mankind development.