Shine award for the affirmation of CSR

OTP banka Hrvatska was awarded for its CSR efforts and achievements in CSR communication, among top 10 companies in Croatia and as the only bank among them.

Following an extensive research conducted among Croatian companies, organized by Croatian Employers Association, Global Compact Network Croatia, Good Croatia (business initiative for promotion of CSR) and MEP publishing house, ten companies were selected as top-class examples of excellent CSR communication. 

Besides conducted research, the award committee analyzed the CSR content on corporate web, Facebook, Youtube and other channels and evaluated the quality and quantity of CSR valuable and related communication.

OTP banka Hrvatska is recognized as one of the CSR advanced companies in Croatia with the implementation of its overall „Green light” CSR program that includes community investment and engagement, workplace responsibility and responsible market endeavors, as well as advanced environmental solutions. The bank regularly issues extensive own bi-annual sustainability reports according to GRI G4 guidelines.

This is the first year that the award is granted. At the award ceremony, Balázs Békeffy, CEO of OTP banka Hrvatska stated: „Thank you on behalf of the management and all employees of OBH. I wish to express gratitude to our colleagues who participate in our numerous CSR programs. This award is an important recognition of our efforts, but is also an obligation to continue good work and to co-create better life with our stakeholders. We take pride in many successful projects, especially in our „Green light“ CSR program, scholarships for students, Eureka! program of awarding employees' ideas and being the only bank in Croatia which uses own solar sources of energy.“

Ten companies which scored the highest in the research receives an equal excellence award „Shine“. Besides OTP banka Hrvatska the laureates presented at the ceremony held in Zagreb were: Dukat, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Heineken Hrvatska, HEP, Hrvatski telekom, INA, Podravka, Valamar Riviera and Vetropack Straža.