OTP banka supports charity tennis tournament of the Marin Čilić Trust

The Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb hosted a large press conference today where the Marin Čilić Trust presented a charity tennis tournament Game Set Croatia. This time, OTP banka joined forces with the Trust by sponsoring the project of a multi-purpose sports field development in the vicinity of Zadar.

Paying great attention to, and actively promoting, social corporate responsibility, OTP banka d.d. decided to join other entities that support the work of the Trust set up by Marin Čilić, famous tennis player, which advocates the belief that, with suitable support, commitment and faith in oneself, every child can reach his/her full potential and make a difference in the society.

For OTP banka, taking this step and joining forces with this Trust is only natural considering that in 2020 it initiated the Round Up fundraising scheme, where together with Mastercard and its clients it has been raising funds for two children’s wards per year in hospitals nationwide, thus contributing to better healthcare for the youngest patients; that it has been providing scholarships to students of lower financial standing for over ten years, and has been inviting tenders for scholarships for students athletes, thus fostering sports and academic excellence.

The underlying principles of the Trust are fully compliant with the corporate social conduct of OTP banka d.d.: “By way of its education, sports and encouragement programmes, the Trust provides support and funding to children and youth so that they could recognise their potential, remove obstacles on the way to success and make their dreams come true.“

So far, the Trust has granted 102 scholarships, refurbished six school laboratories, and – as a part of the Game Set Croatia - built four multi-purpose sports fields in schools.

The largest project of the Trust is Game Set Croatia, where 30 greatest sportspersons in Croatia play at a charity tennis tournament. Last time, the tournament took place in Petrinja, an earthquake-shattered town, and this year it will be played in Zadar, on 16th and 17th July, and its aim is building a multi-purpose sports field near Zadar.

We make continuous efforts to contribute to a better society in which we do business, and firmly believe that creating an inspiring environment and good conditions for the development and education of children are the most important tasks of every community. By extension, this also relates to the improvement of the healthcare for children. Given that this year the intended beneficiary of our Round Up fundraising scheme is the Zadar General Hospital, and that we hope to improve the conditions at the Children’s Ward, I am very happy this tournament will also take place right here in Zadar, the town that has been my home for more than 17 years. OTP banka has been growing and expanding together with Zadar since its arrival. We are eager to be a part of all major events in this town, together with its population. I am proud of our contribution to such wonderful display of sports and charity in Zadar!“ said Balázs Békeffy, president of the Board of OTP banka, when signing the sponsorship agreement with the Marin Čilić Trust.

Marin Čilić, famous tennis player after whom the Trust is named, said the following on this occasion: “In OTP banka we recognised a worthy partner of our Trust, as we share the same belief that each child has unlimited potential. I believe that many a wish will be granted thanks to our incentive, that the children will be able to find their full strength in the court and reach for their dreams.”