OTP banka purchases a 100 percent green energy

Since October, OTP banka has switched to the power generated exclusively from renewable sources.  

OTP banka concluded the contract with HEP Opskrba whereby it undertook to go completely green by using a unique product created by HEP Opskrba called ZelEn, where the earnings from the purchase of green energy are channelled to energy efficiency projects and development of renewable sources.

"OTP banka is a truly green bank, committed to sustainable development. Purchasing power generated from renewable sources is a part of our new sustainable business strategy.  This year and next year, we are launching a series of projects related to sustainable financing, energy efficiency, responsible waste management and reduction of the use of plastic in our organization and business. We thank our long-standing partner HEP Opskrba for supporting us in our efforts to contribute to sustainable development,” said Balázs Békeffy, President of the Board of OTP banka.

“Socially responsible business and care for people and the environment are the values OTP banka and HEP Opsrkba have in common. After cooperating on the OTPetica loyalty programme, by deciding to use only green energy in its business through the product called  ZelEn, OTP banka raised this cooperation to a higher level. We are pleased that OTP banka has joined a beautiful green story in which all earnings from the sale of  this product are used exclusively to finance energy efficiency projects for the most vulnerable groups in society,“ said Nada Podnar, Marketing Director of HEP Opsrkba.

For many years, OTP banka has been carving its path towards a sustainable and responsible business. At a time of accelerated growing awareness and development of regulatory mechanisms for climate protection, improvement of social opportunities, protection of human rights and promotion of diversity, and progress through cooperation, OTP banka is taking significant steps. Most important is the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into the business strategy, policies and risk management. The integration of the sustainability principles implies also contributing to the sustainable development goals of the UN in all segments.

OTP is the first bank in Croatia to use its own power sources from solar power stations mounted on the roofs of its head office buildings in Zadar, Dubrovnik and Pula. On top of that, the Bank financed a public electric car charging station. Through its “Green light to green living” program, it has provided  modern waste management systems thus fostering the practices of cutting down on the use of plastic in its business.

Zelena energija