OTP banka joins the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development

Testifying to its long-term efforts in development of sustainable business operations and social responsibility, OTP banka joined the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.

OTP banka has been developing own approach to sustainable business operations and responsibility for years. We take part in the development of the communities in which we do business and live through our projects under the brand name “Green light to…“. Integrating the principles, standards and criteria of sustainable development into our business operations, responsible approach to the issue of climate changes and environmental projection, and designing products with added value, OTP banka has been a valuable stakeholder in the corporate community that understands contemporary challenges.

At the times of accelerated growth of awareness and regulatory mechanisms for the protection of climate, improvement of social circumstances, protection of human rights, promotion of diversity and progress through cooperation, OTP banka takes significant steps, and the most important of them is the integration of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards into its business strategy, policies and risk management. The integration of the sustainability principles also implies a contribution to the UN sustainable development objectives in all segments.

OTP banka continues to develop the sustainability and responsibility standards across all segments. It is the first bank using own energy sources via solar panels installed on the central buildings in Zadar, Dubrovnik and Pula, and it financed an electronic vehicle charging point. Through its programme titled “Green light to…green”, it has been supporting modern waste management systems, and fostering the practice of cutting down on plastic materials in its operations. Via its schemes ”Green light to…”, it takes part in the life of the local communities and supports socially and environmentally valuable projects. Its programme Round up! is a unique product with added value, integrating a card product and charitable activities in the community. Recognising Bank’s accountability in business environment, towards its clients and the community, the Global Finance Magazine presented it the Outstanding Crisis Leadership 2020 Award. OTP banka is also a signatory to the Croatian Diversity Charter, and has participated in the Corporate Social Governance Index for ten years, using it as a valuable metrics of its progress.

“One of our values is responsibility. Under sustainable business operations, we understand success and financial results generated whilst providing services and products with added value for the environment and the society, taking into account best interest of our stakeholders. By joining the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development, once again we affirm our commitment to the cooperation focused on understanding, acceptance and implementation of sustainable models of business as our only option at the present time,“ said Balázs Békeffy, president of the Board.

“OTP banka has deservedly become a new member of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development. Bank’s strategic orientation towards sustainability is evident in all segments of its operations. In addition to its investments into the local community and the campaigns promoting diversity, the Bank has also integrated the environmental, social and governance standards into the business processes, which is an achievement in itself, as well as a precondition for strategic sustainability. We are looking forward to the cooperation with OTP banka, as we believe it will be very dynamic and mutually beneficial, providing us the opportunity of knowledge exchange and synergy,“ said Mirjana Matešić, director of the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development.