OTP banka - general sponsor of the Split Summer Festival and a new season of the Split Theatre

OTP banka d.d. signed a new sponsorship agreement with the Croatian National Theatre Split at the press conference on the occasion of opening of the 69th Split Summer Festival.

The partnership of our bank and the Split Theatre goes back decades. To be exact, our cooperation has been running for over 3 decades, of which we are quite proud. It is a display of our commitment to help create significant cultural events in this city, as well as our deep connection with the city and all its major events.  The relevance of the Theatre for our City, as well as the relevance of this Festival, is self-evident. Here, the seasons take the cue from the theatre: we know that summer begins only after the start of the Split Summer Festival, and ends at the beginning of the new theatre season. Proud that OTP banka has been playing a role in this wonderful story for over 30 years, as surely are our clients are, especially the citizens of Split, I would like to wish happy 69th anniversary to the Split Summer Festival. I am looking forward to this edition of the Split Summer Festival and the next theatre season, and I assure you will have the support of OTP banka all the way,” said Zvonimir Akrap, member of the Board of OTP banka, on the occasion.

Vicko Bilandžić, theatre administrator and director of the Split Summer Festival, signed the Agreement on behalf of the Theatre, and made the following statement: “Being a theatre administrator and a citizen of this town, I feel privileged to have a bank that understands culture and is aware of the significance of art in the life of its clients, so much so that it sponsors the theatre. I am happy to be able to extend this relationship, this synergy of a modern bank with the traditionally large network of branches across Dalmatia, catering for the clients in the Dalmatian inland and on the islands alike, and the Croatian National Theatre Split, as an institution with the highest potential for production of top performance art. Finally, I would like to thank OTP banka in the name of all our employees and artists, as well as in the name of citizens of Split, our audience that gets to enjoy a better repertoire. For this, I promise to secure OTP banka a sponsor position it deserves. My communication with Mr. Akrap and OTP banka so far has been very satisfying, we have a number of topics we can discuss, and I have a full artistic freedom, which makes this relationship a sincere and mutually beneficial on.”