OTP banka d.d. becomes a sponsor of the Art Pavilion in Zagreb

OTP banka d.d. strives to contribute to the development of different social aspects in the communities in which it operates, and one of the most enjoyable aspects of those efforts is definitely supporting culture and making it available to the citizens. OTP banka contributes to such worthy events taking placenationwide, in cultural institutions or at manifestations, by making donations or sponsoring them.   

Only this year the bank will continue supporting the Dubrovnik Summer Games, the Split Summer, the National Theatre in Split and the National Theatre in Zadar. It is especially proud of its long-term partnership with the Lisinski Concert Hall and of its recent partnership with the Art Pavilion, as one of the major art institutions not only of the City of Zagreb, but of the entire country. Unfortunately, same as the Lisinski Concert Hall, the Art Pavilion sustained considerable damage in the devastating earthquake that hit Zagreb, and now requires funding to undergo a renovation and remain the place where one can see the works of art of the most renowned local and international artists. OTP banka d.d. acted swiftly in the aftermath of the March earthquake and made a significant donation for the renovation of hospitals in the capital, followed by a donation to a hospital in Sisak, which endured an earthquake at the end of the last year.  Even amidst such momentous developments, we never lost sight of the importance of culture in our lives, which is why we made this donation towards the renovation of the Art Pavilion.

“Wishing to extend continuous support and to nurture a true partnership with this major institution in the City of Zagreb, we decided to step in and endorse the praiseworthy activities of the Art Pavilion. They have taken the art outdoors, in front of the damaged building, so we can enjoy it even if we cannot get inside,” said Mr Balazs Bekeffy, president of the Board of OTP banka d.d., on the occasion of signing the sponsorship agreement, and with reference to the exhibition cycle titled Art in front of the Art Pavilion, set up in front of the building.

“The devastating earthquake in March last year shut down the Art Pavilion for a long period, preventing us from bringing local and international exhibitions to all arts lovers. In order to remain present on the Zagreb visual arts scene, and not let our audience down, we initiated a cycle of exhibitions in public spaces. The Art in front of the Art Pavilion will display works of four renowned Croatian sculptors during the course of the year. Last year OTP banka showed how much it cares about the cultural heritage
damaged by the earthquake by donating to the Art Pavilion. This time, aware of the numerous challenges that various institutions face because of the damage sustained and the pandemic, it decided to sponsor the exhibitions of the Art Pavilion, which we see as a gesture of great trust in our new ideas and innovative projects, and for which we are deeply grateful,” said Ms Jasminka Poklečki Stošić, director of the Art Pavilion, on the occasion of signing of the sponsorship agreement.