OTP banka brings presents to children at Maestral Children’s Home, SOS Children’s Village Croatia, Voštarnica Primary School and Latica Kindergarten

OTP banka gets into the Christmas spirit by reaching out to the little ones who need help the most. A donation totalling HRK 300,000 was given to Maestral Children’s Home (home for children with inadequate or no parental care) in Split, to Voštarnica Primary School and Latica Kindergarden (institutions caring and educating children with learning disabilities), and to SOS – Children’s Villages Lekenik and Ladimirevci.

Paying great attention to social responsibility and cooperation with the local communities in which it operates, OTP banka strives to contribute to positive experiences, and to help the most vulnerable population.

Eager to bring the Christmas spirit to numerous children and adults who dedicated their lives to caring for them, OTP banka decided to make considerable donations to institutions for children with inadequate or no parental care, children with special needs and their education.

That is why two donations, each of HRK 50,000, were made to Latica Kindergarten (institution for education and rehabilitation of toddlers and pre-schoolers in the Zadar County) and Voštarnica Primary School (the only institution for the education of pupils with major learning difficulties) in Zadar. A donation of HRK 100,000 was presented to the director of Maestral Children’s Home in Split, which accommodates 150 children, and another HRK 100,000 went to the Association SOS – Children’s Village Croatia, caring about more than 240 children and minors at two locations in Ladimirevci and Lekenik.

Ivan Šimičević, Board member, presented the donations in Zadar, and Balázs Békeffy, president of the Board, handed out the donations in Split and Zagreb, and made the following statement: “I hope our gifts will help make the Christmas holidays more enjoyable to the children in these institutions. I am pleased to announce that we will not stop at this, but will continue our corporate volunteering scheme, as we believe our volunteers, employees of OTP banka can improve day-to-day life of the little ones and the wonderful people taking care of them.  Next year, we will pick up where we stopped more than a month ago when we volunteered in Ladimirevci. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year, and assure you that OTP banka will continue contributing to a better society, being genuinely rooted in the local communities“.

Along with the continuing donations nationwide, three years ago OTP banka initiated a large donation scheme titled OTP Round Up! through which, at the end of each business year, together with its clients and its partner Mastercard, it makes donations to two children’s wards in different hospitals nationwide. Having already donated to Petrova, Šibenik General Hospital, Klaićeva and KBC Split, on 29th December this year significant donations in excess of HRK 850,000 will be granted to hospitals in Čakovec and Dubrovnik, for procurement of valuable equipment that will raise the level of healthcare for the youngest patients. OTP banka would like to take this opportunity to thank over 18 thousand of its clients for making their contribution though this scheme by rounding up the sums they pay with their OTP banka Mastercard cards to the nearest whole kuna, and increasing the initial million donated by OTP banka and Mastercard to reach the total of HRK 1,700,000.