OTP banka and VK Jug Adriatic osiguranje concluded a new sponsorship agreement

Before the take-off of another water polo season, OTP banka continues providing support to the most successful Croatian water polo club.

The new sponsorship agreement testifies to the long-term status of OTP banka as one of the most important partners of the water polo club, Jug Adriatic osiguranje. Gruž pool was the venue where the president of OTP banka, Balázs Békeffy, and the president of the water polo club, Tomislav Dumančić came together to sign the sponsorship agreement.

Before signing the agreement, Balázs Békeffy pointed out: “It is a great pleasure for me to be here today and represent the bank with strong ties with the Dubrovnik area. Water polo club Jug Adriatic osiguranje is practically an institution in the City of Dubrovnik, and we are exceptionally proud that we have been a faithful partner to the most successful water polo club in the country. Exceptional sports results are achieved only with hard work, sacrifices, and love of sports, which Jug has proved over the years with its professional stance and extraordinary game. On behalf of the entire OTP banka team and myself, I wish Jug another successful season“.

The president of the water polo club Jug Adriatic osiguranje, Tomislav Dumančić, extended appreciation to their long-term sponsor, and added: “OTP banka has been a true partner and a friend of our club for years now, and its contribution to the work of the club is inestimable. Thank you for recognising our vision, hard work and efforts, and for supporting us in our striving for exceptional professional results“.

OTP banka and VK Jug Adriatic osiguranje have expanded their partner cooperation by including the water polo club into OTPetica, loyalty scheme of OTP banka, providing faithful customers of the bank and fans with a simple way to purchase annual subscriptions at a bargain.