OTP banka a general sponsor of the concert in tribute of Tomislav Ivčić – 30 years later…

Together with the City of Zadar, the Zadar County, and the tourist boards of the City and of the County, OTP banka presented the City and its people with a great concert in memory of the life and work of one and only, unforgettable Tomislav Ivčić.

In a press conference held in Zadar today, we were proud to announce a great concert in memory of the life and work of Tomislav Ivčić, a great artist who touched our lives, and who died in an accident 30 years ago. Having decided wholeheartedly to support the initiative to organise a big open-air concert at the Zadar Forum, next to the church of St. Donatus, on 17th August this year, OTP banka signed the General Sponsorship Agreement.

On this occasion, Davor Pekota, art director of the project, said: “Considering that thirty years have passed since the death of Tomislav Ivčić, a well-known Croatian singer/songwriter, we thought we should mark the occasion appropriately. Since his legacy is one of the greatest in the history of Croatian music, we expect quite an interest in this event. With this in mind, we have been preparing a rather large production deserving of such an event. Therefore, we reached out to certain sponsors to make sure we would be able to give the family of the late Tomislav Ivčić and his fans a show to remember. OTP banka was the first to take the opportunity and offered to sponsor the event. We truly appreciate that OTP banka recognised the significance of this event and of Tomislav Ivčić, not only for our city, but for whole of Dalmatia and Croatia as well.”

Ivan Šimičević, Board member, signed the Agreement on behalf of OTP banka.

It is indeed a great pleasure to be here today as a representative of OTP banka, an institution that started its nationwide expansion right here – in our City of Zadar. We are now the fourth largest bank in Croatia, and we operate in every corner of the country, but we will always remember our roots. All that matters to this town and its population, also matters to us. When we learned about this initiative, we were more than happy to join, and we are proud to bring this evening full of wonderful songs to this town. We can’t even begin to speak of the magnitude of Timislav Ivčić’s body of work within te Croatian music. His songs are now a legacy of the entire new generation that has never heard him play live because he died young. I, for one, can witness that, since - although I was but a child when he died - all milestones in my life were marked by his music. It brings me joy that OTP banka has contributed to such an event,” said Ivan Šimičević on the occasion of signing the Sponsorship Agreement.