Notification of changes to the caps of payment transactions carried out via online channels of OTP banka

As we continue with our efforts to maintain the highest security standards of our on-line channels, and we would hereby like to advise of new types and levels of caps imposed on financial payment orders set via internet, mobile and telephone banking, and on the way they can be managed by the end-user, all for the purpose of enhancing the security levels.

The transaction caps are divided into fixed and variable ones.

The fixed (permanent) cap relates to the purchase and sale transactions, and foreign currency remittances that require currency conversion (different currencies of payer’s account and payee’s account) of HRK 75,000 per day. Foreign currency remittances that do not require currency conversion (that is, the payer’s and the payee’s account are in the same currency) are not subject to this cap.

Variable daily cap for payment orders has been initially set at HRK 30,000, with an option to increase it to HRK 400.000 per day. The initial cap of HRK 30,000 can be lifted by the user as necessary, on one-off basis for the current day, or permanently, but it shall not exceed HRK 400,000.

The one-off change of the variable cap (applicable until the end of the current day) can be carried out by calling the Contact Centre on 0800 21 00 21 or 072 21 00 21, whilst for a permanent increase or a one-off increase in excess of the stated amounts you will be required to visit an OTP banka branch for security reasons.

The above indicated caps shall take effect on 30th September 2020.