Instructions to clients for duration of the threat posed by spreading of the COVID-19 contagion

As we all face the threat posed by spreading of the coronavirus, OTP banka d.d. urges all its clients and employees to act responsibly, because only by observing the recommended preventive measures we can contribute to containing of further contagion.

According to the information and instructions obtained from the National Civil Protection Authority HQ, we have taken additional preventive measures aimed at protection of the health of all of us, as detailed below. We advise all our esteemed clients to abide by them.


Digital banking

We urge all our clients to carry out all of their banking via digital or telephone channels whenever possible:


Business network

In case you cannot do all your banking via our digital channels, please note that our business network is open for business during limited opening hours, in accordance with the available work force, and that closing time is now 15:00. Interim opening hours of the branches are updated on daily basis, and they can be found here.

Please note that we have limited the number of clients entering the branches taking into consideration the number of counters opened per business units (only one client per counter), which is why you are kindly requested to follow any instructions you might be given by our employees and/or security officers, and to queue outside the branch until you are called in.

For your personal safety, when using POS device or ATM we advise covering the keyboard with a disposable tissue or a paper towel before entering your PIN.


Corporate customers and visitors of other premises of the bank

All our corporate customers and partners are kindly invited to communicate by phone whenever possible for their own safety and safety of our employees. However, if the nature of their business obligations is such that they have to come to our premises in person, they are kindly asked to abide by the currently applicable preventive measures. Those measures include filling in of a short questionnaire pertaining to their possible exposure to the virus, and using of a hand sanitiser provided for that purpose.

We will keep all our esteemed clients regularly informed of any further measures we might take, and of our business operations via all available channels.


Thank you for understanding and cooperating. We believe that by acting responsibly we will contribute to normalisation of the situation as soon as possible.