Securities and Depositary Services

Securities and Depositary Services

Thanks to its professional team, long-lasting experience and, individual approach, OTP banka is leader in the Republic of Croatia in providing Custody and Depositary services.

Wide range of services follows high European standards in compliance with local regulations of the Republic of Croatia, as well as EU regulations and enables to respond to the sophisticated needs of different categories of clients. That exceptional quality of Bank's services has been recognized by the renowned leading world magazines covering the international securities services business such as "Global Custodian" and "Global Investor", where, according to our clients, OTP banka has been evaluated as one of the leading custodian banks in the Republic of Croatia for a couple of years already, while selected by the expert jury of the magazine "Global Finance", it was declared as the World's best sub-custodian for the Croatian market.

Main custody services

  • Safe-keeping and settlement of financial instruments
  • Collection of securities trading income
  • Corporate actions
  • Reporting on assets on custody accounts

Additional custody services

  • Services of proxy representation at General Assembly of the company
  • Reporting on market
  • Monitoring the compliance with effective regulations
  • Active management of clients' funds
  • Activities related to tax refund
  • Measurement and reporting of effectiveness of custody services


  • safe-keeping and/or record-keeping of a separate pool of fund's assets
  • continuous monitoring of cash flows of the fund
  • settlement of financial instruments from a separate pool of fund's assets
  • maintaining accounts for the fund's assets and segregation of assets in accordance with the legal regulations
  • control of the issuance and redemption of the units and their pay-off in accordance with the law and the prospectus of the fund
  • control whether the fund assets are invested in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • confirming that the calculation of the net value of the fund's assets and the price of the fund's units is carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • reporting to regulatory authority
  • executing a management company's order with respect to transactions with financial instruments and other assets in the fund's portfolio if they are in accordance with the applicable regulations
  • corporate actions related to the assets from fund
  • collection of income and other rights fallen due in favour of fund arising from fund's assets
  • reporting to the regulator any serious or severe violation of the applicable regulations
  • other activities defined by regulation covering the performance of the depositary's business