Optional pension savings

Optional pension savings


Optional retirement savings in Croatia osiguranje Voluntary Pension Fund enables you to create income for your retirement and your future living standard by yourself. This is one of the most cost-effective savings solutions because apart from the Fund’s yield you are also entitled to government subsidies. You can begin using the optional pension savings once you turn 50.


There are no age or health restrictions for setting up the optional pension savings, you only need to be a Croatian resident. Membership is valid even after the termination of the employment relationship. You may change the amount you pay into the savings fund throughout the savings term and the funds on the account are inheritable.


Government subsidies

The Government pays subsidies of 15% of the amounts you pay into the Croatia osiguranje Voluntary Pension Fund, but not more than HRK 750 per year.

Pension payment

  • It can commence when your turn 50 and it is not dependent on employment status
  • It can be paid out even earlier in case of death or invalidity
  • You can choose the pension payment schedule at the pension insurance company by yourself