Overdraft on the transaction account

Overdraft on the transaction account

Best way to reconcile income and expenses crediting/debiting your transaction account.

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The amount of the overdraft depends on the creditworthiness of the legal entity. You do not have to utilise the entire authorised overdraft, but only the amount you need. Interest is paid only on the utilised amount of the authorised overdraft, and not on the total authorised amount. Repayment of such overdraft is made from current operations, and no later than the agreed maturity date

Loan amount

  • Depends on the borrower's creditworthiness

Front-end fee

  • At least EUR 107 from the granted amount, depending on the amount (if the borrower holds one of the packages intended for MSEs, then 50-100% discount might be applicable).

Loan repayment term

  • Up to 12 months


  • No restricted purpose

Security instruments

Loans in the amount of up to EUR 25,000 can be backed with negotiable security instruments only.

Security for loans in excess of that amount is negotiated with the borrower.