Domestic payment transactions for MSE

Aiming to cut your costs and expedite the provision of services, we chose simplicity and efficiency as the basic payments concept.
The quality of our payments services is founded on a well-developed branch network and application of the newest technological solutions.
You can choose between OTP banka branches or FINA to carry out your payments.

Why choose OTP banka?

  • all accounts can be opened at a single spot and quickly
  • you have unlimited access to your funds, including current inflows
  • different options and times of order execution
  • possibility to schedule orders in advance
  • safety and speed of operations
  • faster cash turnover due to fast transactions
  • faster and easier borrowing, issuance of guarantees, L/Cs
  • competitive rates

Naturally, all of the above is conditional upon holding a regular transaction account in OTP banka. Such an account can be opened at any of the OTP banka branches.

If you wish to make payment orders directly from your office, without having to pay a visit to a branch, as well as to have all the information about your operations, then eLEMENT@ - Internet banking for MSEs is the right choice for you.

Information about your business operations

You can have the statements of your account turnover and balance as they change, or at daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency in a branch, or otherwise, as agreed between you and the Bank. You can also receive information:


Delivery of payroll data

Striving to provide the best service and best quality products to our customers, we are very pleased to offer you several options for delivery of your employee payroll lists, including the payroll lists in FCY. Whichever way you chose, you will be provided the fastest posting of payroll to the accounts of your employees.


The payroll data can be delivered in the following ways:

If you are not using eLEMENT@ Internet banking for companies and small businesses, you can submit an application for arranging of this service in all OTP banka branches, and for any additional information on how to become a user of eLEMENT@ please call our Call Centre on 072 201 555 (after the answering machine picks up your call, please dial 3).

  • By transfer order – direct payments on current accounts of your employees, without having to deliver the specifications or files.

This is especially favourable for companies with a small number of employees.

  • By manually filled specifications (UPP-2 form). This way of data delivery is more time consuming on the data posting end. A legible specification containing all required data is a guarantee that posting of your employees’ salaries will be carried out in the shortest time possible.


Choose the manner of data delivery that best suits your needs and the means of your company. Detailed information on how to fill in the required forms and files and how to deliver the data can be found in the document titled Payroll Information.
Should you require any additional information, please contact your relationship manager or staff at the branch where you deliver your payroll data.