Guarantees for MSE

OTP banka stands at your disposal for the issuance of outgoing and incoming guarantees, as you might require in your business with domestic and foreign partners.

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The outgoing guarantees are issued in favour of your business partners in the country and abroad, and depending on the agreed transactions they are divided as follows:

  • payment guarantee (for prompt payment of obligations for imported goods, repayment of an international loan, prompt payment to the supplier, super guarantee...),
  • performance guarantee (for repayment of advances, for performance, for the warranty period, in lieu of retention, tender, lease deals, consignment, customs),
  • counter-guarantee.

Incoming guarantee is a security instrument for collection of receivables from your business partners. OTP banka stands at your disposal for the incoming guarantees, preceded by professional advice.

How to liquidate your accounts receivable?

If you wish to liquidate your accounts receivable, submit the filled in application, the required documentation and charts of trade creditors and trade debtors to your nearest OTP branch dealing with corporate customers.