Night safe deposit box

Night safe deposit box

Night safe deposit box is a self-service device used for depositing of cash in LCY for further processing and posting to the defined account. The night safe deposit boxes of OTP banka can be used at designated locations in Zadar, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Benkovac, Pula and Sisak.

Take the advantages we offer

Availability and low cost

  • Modern business operations imply flexible business hours. The night safe deposit service of OTP banka is available 24/7, and enables you to do your business outside the branch opening hours.
  • Your time is precious. With the night safe deposit box you are always first in line, and do not have to queue.
  • Save on the fees. Fees payable for cash deposits into the night safe deposit box are lower than the ones paid for cash deposits at the counter.

Night safe deposit boxes are available at the following locations:

  • ZADAR, Domovinskog rata 3
  • ZADAR, Ante Starčevića 9
  • ZAGREB, Ulica grada Vukovara 284
  • ZAGREB, Avenija Dubrava 41
  • ZAGREB, Jurišićeva 2
  • ZAGREB, Franceska Tenchinija 2A
  • SPLIT, Domovinskog rata 61
  • SPLIT, Ruđera Boškovića 16
  • SPLIT, Ruđera Boškovića 18a
  • SPLIT, Josipa Jovića 93
  • BENKOVAC, Vukovarska ulica 2
  • BIOGRAD NA MORU, Trg kralja Tomislava 2
  • SISAK, Stjepana i Antuna Radića 28
  • OSIJEK, Trg slobode 1
  • VARAŽDIN, Aleja kralja Zvonimira 1
  • PULA, Dalmatinova 4
  • RIJEKA, Jadranski trg 2C
  • PREKO, Artić 3A
  • ŠIBENIK, Ante Šupuka 22
  • TROGIR, Kneza Trpimira 5
  • SOLIN, Zvonimirova 60
  • OMIŠ, Vukovarska cesta 8
  • DUGOPOLJE, Leopolda Mandića 18
  • KAŠTEL NOVI, Ante Beretina 1
  • METKOVIĆ, Ante Starčevića 6
  • MAKARSKA, Obala kralja Tomislava 16
  • VIS, Sv. Jurja 34
  • DUBROVNIK, Vukovarska 19
  • KUTINA, Vladimira Nazora 1

How to become a night safe deposit box user?

The night safe deposit box service is conditional upon being a holder of an LCY transaction account in OTP banka, and carrying of your payments through OTP banka. You only need to fill in an application and submit it to your relationship manager or to the nearest OTP banka branch.


Use of a night safe deposit box

Use of the night safe deposit box is safe and simple. As soon as your identity is established by way of your contactless card/key, the box door will open and you will be able to make your deposit.

Deposits into the night safe deposit boxes can be made exclusively in LCY, in special money deposit bags of OTP banka, with detailed specification of cash and correctly filled payment order to the agreed HRK transaction account in OTP banka.
Only bank's supplies can be used for depositing of cash and the payment order into the night safe deposit boxes.



The Bank charges a fee for the night safe deposit box service in line with the pricing effective on the day the services are rendered.
One-off fee is charged for contracting of this service, and on that occasion you are provided a card/key to the night safe deposit box. Additional cards/keys are charged additionally.
A fee and the price of the cash payment order are payable for each cash deposit into the night safe deposit box. Money deposit bags are charged on the invoice for payments sent the following month, and you can order them when necessary, and pick them up in a bank's branch.