Packages for micro and small enterprises

Striving to make your business with the bank even easier, and significantly cheaper, we have put together packages of services tailored to meet your needs. Package is a common name for a number of different bank products and connected services, intended for a certain customer type. By taking a package, the customer saves money, because the single fee payable for such package is lower than the sum of fees payable for individual products. Also, by taking a package you become a Visa Business Debit cardholder and eLEMENT@ Internet banking user.

OTP Welcome package
Welcome to OTP with the OTP Welcome Package!
OTP Start package
Save time and money by setting up an OTP Start Package. Our numerous services are even more easily accessible through OTP Start Package, providing you with ease and safety in management of your finances.
OTP Extra package
Observing your needs, and wishing to make your dealings with the bank easier, management of your finances better and savings more significant, we have created a service package just for you under the name OTP Extra.
OTP Accountant package
With OTP Accountant Package most products and services intended for MSEs are even more affordable than in our regular offer, and keeping of your LCY transaction account is free of charge.
OTP Agribusiness package
By setting up an OTP Agribusiness Package, a special package of services and various benefits intended for farmers, you can avail yourself of better financial management, lower costs, and faster and simpler banking. This package can be set up provided you have a regular transaction account opened in OTP banka and that you deal with agribusiness of a sort