Other services for MSE

Striving to provide the best service and best quality products to our customers, we are very pleased to offer you several different options for delivery of your employee payroll lists, including the payroll lists in FCY. Whichever way you chose, it will enable you the fastest posting of payroll to the accounts of your employees.
OTP banka provides the activities and services at request of the principal, whether in the form of a trust or an agency operation.
OTP banka provides the service of liquidating your receivables and the discount service.
OTP banka stands at your disposal for the issuance of outgoing and incoming guarantees, as you might require in your business with domestic and foreign partners.
Safe deposit boxes for MSE
Wishing to meet all your needs and offer security for your valuables, we let out safe deposit boxes in Zagreb, Sisak, Pula and Dubrovnik. Every citizen of age, and every legal entity can conclude a safe deposit box rental agreement.
Night safe deposit box
Night safe deposit box is a self-service device used for depositing of cash in LCY for further processing and posting to the defined account.