Short-term loans for MSE

Short-term loans for MSE
Short-term loans for MSE
Best way to reconcile income and expenses crediting/debiting your transaction account.
Such loans are advanced for the requirements of current payments, procurement of raw materials and consumables to be invested into production. The repayment period is up to 1 year, whilst the instalment frequency is negotiable (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually...). Loan amount depends on the borrower's creditworthiness.
Loan against deposit (lombard loan) is one of the fastest ways to get the funds you require. The basic precondition is a full coverage of the loan with a deposit in the same amount. It can be granted either as a short-term or a long-term loan. A short-term loan is repaid in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual instalment(s) within 12 months.
Take a long-term or a short-term loan for various purposes to help you in timely preparation for the tourist season and offering the best possible service to your guests. A short-term loan for the tourism business is intended for the procurement of small inventory, equipment and services, current maintenance of the interior and exterior, supply of consumables (e.g. food and beverage) necessary for the season.
Do not miss out on this opportunity. Take an agribusiness loan based on eligibility for subsidies because that is the easiest way of bridging the period from applying for a subsidy and actually receiving one.
We would like to stimulate your production and farming as such. Therefore, recognising the financial challenges you face, we have created agribusiness loans to fund your spring and autumn sawing, as well as farming of various sorts.
Entrepreneurship loans are short-term loans intended for notaries public, attorneys-at-law, accountants, chartered auditors, pharmacists, dentists, doctors, veterinarians and members of the Croatian Chamber of Architecture and civil engineers who make most of their income from their basic activity.
A micro-loan is an all purpose loan of up to EUR 20,000 and the repayment term of up to 36 months. The granted amount is credited directly to the transaction account of the borrower.